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The Ultimate Balancing Act

The Ultimate Balancing Act

Tori Foltz, Staff Writer April 28, 2022

When I was in high school, I thought balancing between my schoolwork and my social life was difficult, but oh how I was wrong. When I moved into college, everything changed. I never had to ask permission...

FGCU Students Share Their Favorite Campus Study Spots

FGCU Students Share Their Favorite Campus Study Spots

Emma Rodriguez, Staff Writer April 14, 2022

Studying is a major part of the college experience. As students, we not only spend hours each week attending class and completing our assignments but also studying for important exams in ways we deem useful. To...

Compressing Stress

Compressing Stress

Matias Abril, Staff Writer April 7, 2022

With the combination of weekly assignments, tests, late night study sessions, constant quizzes, work, personal issues, and the overall attempt to balance it all, decompressing is an essential during the...

Working on Campus

Working on Campus

Matias Abril, Staff Writer February 17, 2022

Class, homework, extracurriculars, and social life are all essentials to a college student and their future success. Working a campus job while in college is another addition to a student’s already busy...

The Massacre that Brought Change

The Massacre that Brought Change

Ashley Paris, Writer February 14, 2022

I don’t remember exactly how that day played out; it all just seems like a distant memory to me. I get flashes here and there, but time does not seem real. Feb. 14, 2018, will go down in history as the...

Winter Break

February 8, 2022

Photo by Riley Hazel

Cats on Campus

Riley Hazel, Assignments and Features Editor February 8, 2022

After several bobcat sightings on FGCU property, professors and students are working together to create new signage to slow down drivers. Director of the Wings of Hope program Ricky Pires saw the sightings...

FGCU mens basketball

FGCU Athletics Prepare for Spring Semester as COVID Cases Rise

Nick Asselin, Sports Editor February 8, 2022

FGCU Athletics faced their first schedule change due to COVID-19 protocols in 2022 after the men’s basketball ASUN opener was moved from Jan. 4 to Jan. 5. As COVID cases surge amid the Omicron variant,...

EN graphic by Erika Sauer.

Omni-Chronic Headache

Sabrina Salovitz, Editor-in-Chief February 8, 2022

With a new year comes new COVID concerns, and the question on everyone’s mind as the semester hits off: how is the university handling things? Student Health Services is going to be offering symptomatic...

Water school

Paving the Way for the Water School

Tori Foltz, Staff Writer February 3, 2022

The opening of the Water School’s $57.9 million building, which was slated for Jan.1, has been delayed until later in the semester. The Water School program has been open for two years, despite not yet...

Sleep is Not for the Weak

Sleep is Not for the Weak

Delinah Rosario, Opinions Editor January 6, 2022

We all know that sleep is something that everyone needs. If it’s so important, why is it so hard for college students to get good consistent sleep? With the stress from classes to the change in living...

Police Beat

UPD Beat

Alexandra Porter, Staff Writer December 24, 2021

The University Police Department received a call about an assault at West Lake Village with one female and one male student on Dec. 11, according to the UPD report. The report said they found the female...

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