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FGCU students compete in FitNation Thunderdome

Approximately 500 athletes from around the state flocked to Germain Arena the weekend of June 20-21 to compete in Fit Nation Magazine’s second annual Thunderdome competition. The competition mimicked what many recognize as the new trending competitive fitness sport, CrossFit.

The sport, recognized as being founded by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai in Santa Cruz, California 15 years ago, incorporates components of high-intensity interval workouts, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, gymnastics, girevoy sport, powerlifting, calisthenics, strongman and various other exercises.

Chris Bruscato, an FGCU senior majoring in athletic training, was among many FGCU students who competed in the second year of the fitness competition.

Bruscato, who joined CrossFit Lawless in November, competed last weekend with his team, SWOL Team 6.

“It was so much fun to get together with my buddies and compete,” Bruscato said. “Everyone was there trying to win, but at the same time they all cheered on the team next to them. It was an amazing experience and I’m looking forward to it next year.”

With less than a year of experience in the trending workout sport, the FGCU senior was dubious on the team’s final placing.

“I thought we had a pretty solid team going into the Thunderdome, but after realizing how competitive the competition was, I doubted that we would make the podium,” Bruscato said.

SWOL Team 6 claimed third place in the men’s scaled team competition.

Bruscato says his biggest struggle was overcoming the workout event called “The Pig Killer.”

For scaled team competition, the Pig Killer requires 12 thrusters at 95 pounds and 48 lateral bar jump overs. Teams were allowed to divide the workout amongst the members within a 15-minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible).

SWOL Team 6 finished the event with 720 jump overs.

“I’m still having problems getting up the stairs,” Bruscato said.

Along with Bruscato, Katrina Harmarty, an FGCU senior seeking her second degree in accounting, also competed in the fitness competition. Harmarty along with her team, The Bodyweight Ninjas from CrossFit Estero, placed eighth out of 41 teams in the woman’s team scale competition. The Bodyweight Ninjas finished the weekend with an overall score of 89.

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