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Eagle Feature : FGCU Students Exceeding Education’s Expectations

Eagle Feature : FGCU Students Exceeding Education’s Expectations

Addyson McCullough, Assignment & Features Editor September 15, 2023

Sofia Johnson, a junior exercise science major at FGCU, hasn’t always had the sporty, health-oriented outlook on life she is known for today. Growing up, she was uninterested in athletics until her 6-foot-1...

How Vitamin D supplements can boost your health

March 6, 2016

Vitamin D is just one of the several vitamins in your multivitamin that you take—or don’t take—every morning, right? Factually, yes. But the real question is whether or not it’s enough. We get...

Alyssa Romasco trains Eagles back to health

January 29, 2016

We often wonder how big collegiate programs thrive for long periods of time. Well, for a structure to hold, it takes a firm foundation. The FGCU basketball program has grown expeditiously within the past...

FGCU student featured in People for weight loss

January 13, 2016

In 2010, at the age of 21, 5’4” FGCU junior Caitlyn Mannherz weighed in at 275 pounds. Her doctor told her she had type 2 diabetes. She struggled with anxiety, depression, fatigue and irritable bowel...

Government publishes guidelines to healthy eating

January 13, 2016

Hold your cookies. According to the “2015- 2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans,” published Jan. 8. by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services,...

Feed your brain: Nutrition to enhance memory for finals

December 5, 2015

How many all-nighters do you think you’ll pull this finals season? The ideal would be none; however, these last couple weeks are filled with exams, projects and papers, which, like it or not, need to...

Guilt-free foods for an uplifting mood

November 10, 2015

Chocolate, ice cream, mashed potatoes and pasta — those are some of the things we as Americans tend to think of as comfort foods, and they’re what we tend to turn to when we’re feeling stressed...

Proving the doctors wrong: getting healthy and eating Paleo

October 28, 2015

I love talking to people about eating Paleo, primarily because it’s an opportunity to educate them on something I believe has been terribly misconstrued by mass media and big corporations: what healthy...

Ways to prevent and fight the flu

October 13, 2015

As fall runs its course, avoiding the sniffles and a sore throat should be the first thing on a person’s mind. The flu is back and ready to attack; however, with a variety of home remedies to naturally...

The Paleo Diet: Why I hated it after five days

June 12, 2015

I went Paleo recently, after hearing some of my friends raving about the new fad diet and literally calling it "life." Letting excitement get the better of me, I jumped right onto the bandwagon. I went...

Tips: How to avoid the “Freshman 15”

September 3, 2014

You are in college now: studying, establishing your future and enjoying the best years of your youth. But do you pay attention to your health and what you eat and drink? It’s so simple to neglect what...

Freshman 15: Cutting the fat

August 24, 2013

Starting college is a lot of fun: there are new opportunities, new people, and new independence. One part that’s not so great is the dreaded “Freshman Fifteen.” Essentially, because of a variety...

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