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Ways to prevent and fight the flu

As fall runs its course, avoiding the sniffles and a sore throat should be the first thing on a person’s mind. The flu is back and ready to attack; however, with a variety of home remedies to naturally sooth the virus, students will be able to kick the flu’s butt and get right back on their feet for school.

If you have been struggling to get out of bed and go to class these past days, with a headache or sore throat, try some of these quick and easy natural cough syrup recipes from Pinterest.

UntitledApple Cider and Honey Drink

This homemade cough syrup is made by mixing a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with warm water, honey and lemon.  By sipping it like hot tea, it can calm a sore, itchy or irritated throat.

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ginger root and honeyCoconut Oil Winter Throat Soother

Combine one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of coconut oil and the juice of one lemon, then microwave for 20 seconds.

cocnut oil, lemon and honeyGinger Root & Honey Drink

To help ease away headaches, dizziness, nausea and digestive problems, boil a piece of ginger root and add honey to drink.

garlic and honeyGarlic Honey

Although this concoction may seem less appealing, garlic has been known to do wonders for the immune system, so try this cough syrup, made by combining garlic, honey and water.

In case you unfortunately do catch a cold — or worse, the flu — here is a survival guide to get you well on your way to recovery:

Survival kit:

1. Make sure you stay home and rest. Although you may not want to miss class or skip work, it’s better to deal with the illness now rather than later. This will also ensure you don’t get others sick. Take advantage of your downtime by snoozing away, watching Netflix or reading a book. Resting can do wonders, giving your body the energy it needs to recover.

2. Drink lots of fluids. Drinking liquids such as water, Gatorade and broth soups can help your body avoid dehydration by getting you those important electrolytes.

3. Treat aches and fever by visiting the Wellness Center. Get over-the-counter medications and professional help for flu-like symptoms.

4. Breath in steam. Sitting in the bathroom and breathing steam can help with a runny or congested nose. Another option is making Chamomile tea in a pot and then, putting your towel-covered head over it as it’s steaming while slowly breathing through your nose.

5. Get salty. Getting over-the-counter saline nose drops can help breathing with a plugged nose.

Remember, it is flu season, so prevent it now by resting, staying hydrated and going to a doctor as soon as symptoms arise.

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