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Café YOU brings Aussie culture to Cape Coral

Tucked away in an industrial business park off of Del Prado Boulevard in Cape Coral, across from a rusted sheet metal Comcast plant, an unlikely oasis of culture and decadence lies in the midst, like a rose among thorns.
Café YOU is an Australian-style coffee joint specializing in the consignment charms of the Never Never. But, you won’t find the clichéd approach that Outback Steakhouse has chosen, generalizing Australians to cookin’ out on the barbie and uttering “mate” after every sentence.
Conceptually Aussie without being overly thematic, Café YOU is a perfect corner to grab brekkie on a slow weekend or even on your way to your job if you have a few minutes to spare. When you first step into the cushy lobby, decked with turn-of-the-century armchairs, a repurposed wooden community table and vintage hanging lights deserving of a Pinterest wedding, it’s hard to not write off this place as a yuppie coffee joint that seems to be a trend in mostly urban centers. But, you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you stick around for what comes next.
As a rule of thumb, it’s good prerequisite knowledge to know that Aussies are famous for having invented the flat white, a sort of whole milk latte made with sweeter ristretto shots — a light bodied espresso with a pertinent lasting crème.

Cafe YOU offers gluten-free and vegan options on its menu and its beans are roasted in Cape Coral by Java D’Oro. (EN Photo / Luke Janke)
Cafe YOU offers gluten-free and vegan options on its menu and its beans are roasted in Cape Coral by Java D’Oro. (EN Photo / Luke Janke)

Café YOU offers beans roasted in Cape Coral by Java D’Oro, which are then implemented into its espresso drinks.
When it comes to trying a new coffee place, I personally like to practice being a purist and trying their best coffee uninhabited by sweeteners or enhancers and maskers. When you order a flat white, they’ll ask you if you’d like it sweetened.
I found a sweetener to be completely unnecessary, as Café YOU has some of the sweetest ristretto I’ve ever experienced.
As a tasteful yet simple brunch, its most popular dish, the avocado smash, is a decadent yet simple retreat. The flakey wheat slices serve as a textural balancer accommodating the fluffy avocado mix. Served next to a bed of spring greens, the presentation was highly reminiscent of a NYC bourgeois eatery while sustaining a highly affordable range. The café offers a wide variety of other lunch options that are sure to satisfy any high-end taste, and it’s easy to walk out full while only having spent less than $12.
Ending your brunch at Café YOU hangs in the balance of their biscotti. Perfectly crisp and double baked, the café’s biscotti has cranberries baked in that leave a surprising sweetness and complements their flat white to a tee.
For the inner foodie in you who might be interested in finding a new place to call your own — that isn’t Starbucks — Café YOU is a perfect joint to indulge your cultural longings.
Café YOU offers gluten-free and vegan options and is open seven days a week at 1423 SE 10th Street in Cape Coral.

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