SG makes steps toward deeming FGCU a sanctuary campus


(EN Photo / Brad Young)

In the midst of President Donald Trump’s immigration ban, members of FGCU’s Student Government discussed SG Resolution 1617-002, Mutual Respect, a resolution that could potentially make FGCU a sanctuary campus, during their meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 21.

Sanctuary campuses, modeled after sanctuary cities, help shield undocumented students from being deported.

The resolution, which was presented to senators in first reading on Tuesday, Feb. 14, focused on respecting other students and the diversity included on campus.

“In our deliberations, we respect each other and diversity, we support mutual respect for diversity and people of other backgrounds,” the resolution said.

According to a Fusion report, students from over 100 campuses have signed petitions demanding that their schools become sanctuaries.

Garrette Parsons, the SG Appropriations Chair, verbally expressed her support of the resolution to her peers during the meeting.

“We keep saying that we’re going to do this, so I want us to do this,” Parsons said. “I don’t want us to pass this and not do anything about it. If we say that we’re going to look into stuff and actually do things, we need to do it.”

Sen. Antonia Jacobse also expressed her desire to pass the resolution.

“I think we all understand the importance of this bill,” Jacobse said. “Moving forward, as the previous senator said, yes, this is a step, but it’s only a first step.”

Jacobse went on to describe the resolution as a foundation for a more inclusive FGCU.

“This is the foundation of that environment of inclusivity and diversity that our school was founded on,” Jacobse said.

Upon first vote, the resolution didn’t pass. After being amended, however, it passed.

“It’s our responsibility as senators and as the representatives of every single student on campus regardless of background, regardless of anything,” Jacobse said. “We are representatives of every student.”