A Review on the Netflix Hit Series: Wednesday


Photo by Unsplash

Delinah Rosario, Opinion Editor

If you don’t want spoilers this is not the article for you!

As someone who loves TV shows and Jenna Ortega, this hit show caught my eye. I was counting down the days until the show dropped and I will say I’m not disappointed. I think that Jenna Ortega is an extremely talented actress and I have seen her in many things prior, but nothing like this. Playing Wednesday Adams allowed her to step out of her comfort zone and play a disturbing, distraught, young girl.

I think the dynamics of all of the characters blended very well. There wasn’t a scene where I felt like the actors lacked chemistry. It was rated 69% on Rotten Tomatoes, but an 8.5/10 on IMDb. My rating would fall somewhere in between. I knew it wasn’t going to be like other versions of the Addams Family, but I was not disappointed by the diversity presented. I think giving Wednesday the spotlight allowed us to see a whole new dynamic and their relationships with one another. The acting was spot on and so was the set design, plot and storyline.

I think the actors that were cast were also spot on. Not only was the show spooky, but it was also funny. I found myself chuckling in between scenes. I think that Luis Guzman as Gomez was a good choice. I loved that they reminded people that Wednesday is technically a Latina. I especially loved that Jenna Ortega did an interview expressing that. She continued to say that “that’s never been represented. So, for me, anytime that I have an opportunity to represent my community, I want that to be seen.” In my opinion, it was. Having Latin actors play the characters brought a richness that we haven’t seen otherwise.

Honestly, I think the beginning of the show wasn’t the most captivating. I found myself getting distracted easily and doing other things while watching the show because I began to lose interest. I noticed that the show had become more of a background sight. I did however catch myself being pulled back in the last few episodes. I was trying to do work and noticed it took me double the time because I kept getting drawn in. I had a hunch that Tyler was the Hyde, but I didn’t have any idea what the storyline would be to lead us there.

Once they realized that the therapist wasn’t Laurel, and Mrs. Thornhill gave Wednesday the plant, I knew that she had to have been Laurel. The red boots only confirmed it for me. I think that the plot overall was captivating. The only thing that I suggest is watching this show in the dark and on a TV. I was trying to watch the show on my phone in a bright room and so many of the scenes were in such dark lighting that it was very hard to see what was happening half the time. Aside from that, I didn’t really have complaints. I was on the edge of my seat finding out who did what and when in the last few episodes. I did enjoy seeing how the colors of the show seemed to get darker and brighter when Wednesday had ups and downs with her friends and family.

I also loved seeing how much growth Wednesday had from the beginning of the show to the end. You truly see that character development. The fact that she let Enid hug her at the end really got me because it shows that she cares more than she wants to admit. Another example is her whole relationship with Eugene. I overall loved his character and I think that bonding over bees and her visiting him in the hospital showed how much she valued him as a person and a friend.

I think all of the background and side characters mentioned left me wanting to know about their story and life. I genuinely love Tim Burton’s creations. He always finds new and creative ways to tell a story and each of his pieces are enticing and entertaining, this one lives up to the standards. I hate cliffhangers, but I did enjoy the last snip bit of the series with her receiving the text message. It left it open for the audience and for a possible season two, only time will tell.