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UPD Beat: Anonymous Person Leaving Canned Food in West Lake Village

Adriana Hall

On Feb. 15, UPD received a call from LCSO stating there was a male with dark hair wearing a hoodie revving his engine in front of Building F at North Lake Village. When the complainant attempted to tell the individual to stop, he got verbal. LCSO received a second call from another student advising that she was in an argument with the subject about revving his engine. Unit 47 attempted to stop the subject’s vehicle before this call for traffic offense 60/35. The vehicle fled and Unit 47 discontinued due to reckless driving. Unit 37 then notified Unit 12 about the incident. Units 12, 47 and 51 arrived after the call came through. LCSO was also on the scene. Unit 47 contacted both callers. There was no physical contact between the callers and the subject, only verbal contact. Neither of the callers knew the subject. The subject was identified by license plate number. There were multiple attempts to contact the subject and voicemails were left. Officers were unable to make contact. 

A complainant came into UPD on Feb. 17 and advised that his bicycle was missing a few weeks ago and never reported it. They stated that the bicycle is registered with UPD but there was a different bicycle lock put on it. The complainant wanted to know what his next steps were to find the bike. Dispatch confirmed the bicycle is registered to the complainant. Unit 47 was able to assist and verify the bicycle was the complainant’s and cut the lock off for him. 

A report was called into UPD about a male subject roaming Eagle Hall at South Village and being verbally aggressive to the residents. The complainant requested an officer to help remove the subject. Officers learned that the subject ingested mushrooms. Dispatch contacted Lee Control. The subject refused to be transported. The subject’s roommate stated that he would keep an eye on him. AOC will complete a care and concern report and a medical response form was completed. 

At the Flamingo dorm building in West Lake Village, an anonymous person has been leaving canned food in front of a resident’s door with the initials “SD” on it. The resident called UPD on Feb. 19 and stated they did not know who this could be from and wanted to speak with an officer. The unit spoke to the caller and advised no crime was committed. The caller is going to try to find out who left the food and will follow up with housing. 

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On Feb. 20, the fire alarm went off at Biscayne Hall in South Village. Officers arrived on the scene. They found that the smoke alarm in the kitchen on the fourth floor went off. Fire advised a possible grease fire caused it. Fans were utilized to try and clear out the large amount of smoke in the halls. There was no fire, only smoke. All units were cleared and residents returned to the building. 

A complaint was made to UPD on Feb. 21 about a male and female on the fourth floor in Garage 4. Unit 30 contacted the subjects and found there were no signs of a physical altercation, verbal only. Unit 30 advised contacting the complainant to come into UPD to speak more about the case. The complainant came into UPD and spoke with Unit 30. They determined there was no reason to believe the subjects were involved in a physical altercation. 

UPD received a call in from LCSO on Feb. 22 about a complainant wanting to make a harassment report on an individual that was threatening to send compromising photos to the complainant’s family. Units were unable to contact the complainant but did contact the complainant’s roommate. LCSO called UPD back to state the complainant is outside of Palmetto Hall in South Village. A witness statement and prosecution statement were taken. 

On Feb. 23, UPD was called stating a gray truck hit a Jeep truck in Garage B at South Village. The caller was unsure if any damage was done to the Jeep. The witness did not get license plate numbers, but the collision was seen on the cameras. The footage shows a grey Nissan truck striking a Jeep truck. The vehicle was located on LPR and was an exact match. Officers were unable to contact the owner of Vehicle 1. The unit attempted to contact the subject at his dorm. He stated he did hit Vehicle 2. He later returned to the scene and left a note with his contact information. A crash report was completed. 

CAPS requested a welfare check on Feb. 23 about a student who had called the crisis line multiple times over several days talking about suicide and homicide. According to the line, the subject refuses help from CAPS. The unit contacted the student. They are not a danger to themselves or others. She has been upset because of roommate issues and schoolwork. She is taking medication as directed and has not harmed herself. 

UPD received a call on Feb. 24 from North Lake Village about hearing yelling coming from a dorm room building. The caller stated she thought she heard an individual refer to a firearm but was unsure if that was what she heard. Officers arrived and contacted the caller, and they stated that the yelling resident was at their apartment banging on her door, yelling and slamming the door. All parties then separated. Officers found that the subject was off-campus drinking and got upset at another party for a comment that was made. The subject came to campus, causing a disturbance. Other parties tried to calm the subject down. The subject understood that his behavior was causing a disturbance and stated he would calm down.

On Feb. 29 a complainant advised UPD that over the last four days, she has come into the library at 6:30 a.m. and has found one of the doors open. She spoke to USSI, and they told her they had been seeing subjects in the building after hours. The complainant noted the USSI is not leaving the door open because they record their entry and exit while locking the door when exiting the building. Officers advised the night shift supervisor to pay special attention to the library after hours. 

UPD received a call on March 2 about a male subject in the Marlin dorm building at West Lake Village. The caller said that the subject was throwing things and dispatch heard the male in the background getting verbal. The complainant stated that she had a taser and the male left. She told UPD that the male choked her. Units 14, 16 and 37 responded to the scene. Unit 37 took the male subject to jail. Officers were advised that the subject was trespassing. A domestic violence packet and victim witness were provided to the victim. On March 4 the subject was released from jail. Because of his no-trespassing order, he contacted UPD to be escorted to pick up his vehicle from the Marlin dorm building. Officers were able to escort the subject to his vehicle. He left the premises. 

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