Get a full workout at home

Don’t feel like driving to the gym? Or just don’t feel like waiting around for equipment? Stay at home. All you need is your own body in order to get an efficient workout.
Paul Hernandez, National Strength and Conditioning Association-certified personal trainer from Around the Clock Fitness, said that you can absolutely “create any kind of workout at home.”
Efficiency depends on you. The more dedicated you are, and the more effort you put in it, the better results you will get. Melissa Carmona, junior marketing major, works out at home every now and then and likes to do her morning stretches there as well. She believes, “if you’re disciplined, working out at home can be pretty efficient.”
Here are some exercises Hernandez broke down into individual body parts for you to try. These will give you a full body workout and you don’t even have to leave your living room. Repeat each exercise 15-20 times. Perform three sets of each exercise per body part.
Chest: Perform wide, standard push-ups with your back straight and both feet on the floor.
For upper chest, put your legs up on a chair and have your hands in a close position, while doing push-ups.
Triceps: Chair dips or close grip push-ups. You may also have the option of having your knees on the floor when doing push-ups.
Lower back: Lay face down with your arms and legs extended straight out from your body and lift up from both ends at the same time shaping a “U” form. This exercise is called the Superman. Hold that position for five seconds then return to the starting position.
Shoulders: Do push-ups then side raises and static holds in order to get a nice shoulder burn. You can even add water bottles for weight.
Legs: Combine squats, lunges and plié/sumo squats in order to work out every inch of your leg muscles. Be sure your knees do not pass your toes at any point. Do three sets of each exercise for 15-20 times.
Calfs: Do calf raises on a ledge, on a box or flat on the floor. Make sure you get on your toes as high as you can then lower your heels to stretch out your calves.
Abs: While doing the good old crunches, focus on flexing your abs the whole time sitting up, and stretching them all the way out when going back down.
For your lower abs, try leg raises nice and slowly to fully engage the muscle.
To work out your obliques, do the Russian twist. Sit up straight on the ground with your knees bent and heels a few inches off of the floor. Keep your back straight and twist your upper and lower body in opposite directions with your arms in front of you. Make sure that movement comes from your ribs rotating and not from your arms swinging.
End with holding a plank for a minute to give your body the final push.
Don’t cheat your muscles. With every single exercise, it is important to use full range of motion “for mobility purposes and to work the entire muscle,” Hernandez said.
Exercising at home isn’t new for Marc-Eddy Norelia,  a junior communication major and member of FGCU’s men’s basketball team. He believes it’s efficient and gets you results.
“I do P90X or yoga,” Norelia said. “I also get that feeling of satisfaction you receive after the gym.”
Now that you have a few examples of full-body exercise ideas in your pocket to do any time at home, you really have no reason to be lazy. “If you want to have some other alternative exercises, look up some workout videos online,” Hernandez said.
Personal trainers are skeptical when it comes to online videos, but Hernandez said “some videos are really good,” and can help you put together a workout that is most convenient and most efficient for you right at home.