Bad news for night owls: Registration times move to 6 a.m.


There’s good news for students who love waking up early and hate staying up until midnight to register for courses — the Office of the Registrar has changed registration times from midnight to 6 a.m.
The change has been in the works for quite some time, according to University Registrar Susan Byars.
“We have had some complaints about the current system,” Byars said. “Especially when a student has an issue registering at midnight and their adviser won’t be on campus until nine.”
The 6 a.m. registration time means that if a student is unable to register, or a class he or she needs fills up, they can see an adviser in a few hours instead of having to wait nine hours to make an appointment.
Allison Bacigalupi, a university adviser, is used to getting to her office the day after students have begun to register and opening her inbox to a flood of emails.
“This 6 a.m. start time is more in line with what other universities do,” Bacigalupi said.
While advisers are happy with the change, some students prefer the midnight registration time.
“When it’s 12 a.m., you can just stay up to register,” said Danny DePrisco, a junior math major. “But if it’s at six, you have to go to bed and actually wake up early to register. I might just sleep in, I don’t think my classes will fill up.”
Byars understands that not all students will like the change. “I’m sure there are some night owls who who won’t like it, but the benefits will probably outweigh the complaints.”
“I think this will make registration easier for the advisers and easier for the students,” she said, “but we are exploring other registration options and seeing what our software will allow us to do. We’re trying this out and we’re also open to suggestions from students.”
Students with suggestions to make registration easier can contact the Office of the Registrar at [email protected], or speak with their adviser.