FGCU Announces Plan to Phase Out COVID-19 Services

Riley Hazel, Assignment and Features Editor

FGCU announced yesterday that it will begin to phase out its COVID-19-related resources, according to an email.

The Veoci app and its contact tracing system will become inactive on March 7, the first day of spring break. The COVID-19 Hotline will go offline as well.

In addition to these changes, the university will begin to phase out asymptomatic testing options, due to low participation. The last day to receive a test through FGCU Emergency Management is February 25.

“As a community, we find ourselves transitioning into a new phase of managing the COVID-19 virus on campus, and we are learning how to address it similar to other communicable illnesses,” the email read.

FGCU will rely on internal processes for addressing student illnesses, according to the email.

“Unlike where we were two years ago, we now have remarkable – and often free – access to treatments, vaccines, boosters, tests and personal protective gear that limit the chances you will face severe illness or spread germs to others,” the email read.

Following the announcement, Director of Student Health Services Cherise Schmitt sent out an email relaying the information:

“If you are sick or need to quarantine: Student Health Services offers sick appointments and symptomatic testing. Contact (239) 590-7966 for more information. You can also seek out these services from your personal health provider and community resources.

If you need a COVID-19 test: Various, free testing resources are available to students at this time.

If you test positive for a contagious illness: Student Health Services automatically reports positive test results to the state. If using an off-campus testing service or at-home test, students should report their positive test results to the Florida Department of Health by contacting the state’s COVID-19 Call Center at (866) 779-6121 or [email protected]. This will ensure timely notification to the university of any positive cases tied to campus.

Medical absences: It is the student’s responsibility to share medical notes with instructors. Faculty will no longer receive automatic notification through Veoci about students who need to miss class due to quarantine or illness. Only students who have been seen by Student Health Services will be given medical excuses as deemed necessary. Students may also receive notes from medical practitioners outside the university.

Classroom accommodations: Faculty are encouraged to accommodate students as best they can and handle absences due to COVID-19 just like they would for any contagious illness. For more information, please review the Academic Affairs Spring 2022 COVID Preparedness FAQs and FGCU’s Protect The Nest website.”