FGCU Launches Vaccine Incentive Program

Sabrina Salovitz, Editor-in-Chief

FGCU has launched a vaccine incentive program for students and faculty who voluntarily show proof of vaccination. All currently enrolled students and active employees are eligible for $100 in Eagle Dollars and students can also win additional cash prizes through 10 weekly random drawings.

“FGCU is not neutral on vaccinations, and we believe that anyone who is medically able should get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus as soon as possible,” Pamela McCabe, the Coordinator of University Communications & Media Relations at FGCU, said. “It is the best way to ensure your health and the health of those around you.”

To take part in the voluntary incentive program, students will need to show proof that they have received both doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson’s (Janssen) vaccine.

“This is part of a larger effort to protect our students, staff, faculty and neighbors and to help ensure we can have a normal 2021-22 academic year at FGCU” said President Mike Martin.

Individuals who have received their vaccines at FGCU are encouraged to verify their information. They can do this by logging in to the Student Health Services Portal and confirming that they have a green check mark next to the COVID-19 vaccine label in the immunization list that appears on the home page.

Students will remain eligible for the $100 until Oct. 23, but they will miss out on the weekly drawings until they upload proof of vaccination.

“When your information appears in the portal, meaning you have a green check mark, you will be automatically eligible for the $100 Eagle Dollars incentive, which will be applied to your Eagle ID card,” McCabe said. “You will then be automatically entered into any applicable drawings during the 10-week program.”

There are no additional steps required once you have a green check mark and some students may already have their information in the system because it was reported automatically through the Florida SHOTS program, a free, statewide, centralized online immunization information system (IIS) that helps healthcare providers and schools keep track of immunization records. Students should wait at least one week after verifying their information in the Student Health Services Portal to check Eagle ID card balances through FGCU eAccounts.

Employees will receive their incentive in the form of a check, but students must also have an approved photo and printed Eagle ID card in order to receive Eagle Dollars. Go to the Eagle ID card office, located within the Enrollment Services Center on the first floor of McTarnaghan Hall or visit www.fgcu.edu/eagleid for more information on the process for obtaining an Eagle ID.

“It’s a convenience for students to be able to spend money right here on campus, like at vending machines, restaurants and our bookstore,” McCabe said. “You can even pay part of your tuition with it. Eagle Dollars do not expire, so you can use them the next time you may be on campus for any reason.”

The winners of any of the random drawings will be notified through Eagle Mail with instructions on how to complete the forms to claim prizes.  These students will be able to pick up their checks from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Cohen Student Union near the bookstore each Friday, beginning Aug. 27, Student IDs are required to pick up checks.

While some students may choose not to participate in the program, there are many who are looking forward to receiving their $100 Eagle Dollars and excited about opportunity to win one of the cash prizes. Alex Martin, a senior at FGCU, is fully vaccinated and he will be taking part in the program.

“It’s unfortunate that we had to get to the point of incentivizing students in a monetary form to get the vaccine,” Martin said. “I do think it’s necessary though at this point.”

For more information on this program visit the Protect The Nest website: https://www.fgcu.edu/coronaupdate/vaccineincentive