American Horror Story: Freakshow premiere

The most recent season of “American Horror Story” is filled with human deformity turned into something special. The season premiere was one that made viewers lose sleep.
Bryan Coronel, a junior majoring in health science, said the first episode wasn’t bad, but it was weird. Just as he expected it.
Weird is the understatement of the year. We meet all the same actors in new characters.
Jessica Lange is the leader of a crew of monsters. She is the one who seeks out the people in society who are considered freaks and provides them with a home.
Sarah Paulson plays Siamese twins who are supposed to revitalize the Freak Show and bring back business. As a viewer, we follow the twins’ story. In the hospital an X-ray goes over the twins’ body, and we see how they are conjoined. The viewer even sees the thought process of the girls and how they are able to think together.
On top of all the freaks and monsters, there is always the scary clown that haunts the nightmares of many. This season there is a serial killing clown that locks up women and children.
“[It] was good, but disturbing. [It had] questionable ethics and the clown is scary,” sophomore biology major, Lindsey Kiselewski said.
Even at the end of the episode the audience is not sure what the point of the killer clown is, but he’s seen watching over the freaks as they take actions into their own hands after being violated by local author-
ities. The now outlaws of the freak show are banded together and become a family as the killer clown watches in the distance. The clown only has a few scenes, but we know that there is more of him to be seen in future episode.
This season is filmed not too far from Florida Gulf Coast University in Jupiter, FL. Although the setting is in a time period of more than 50 years ago, it’s a little eerie that it’s so close to home.
Throughout the episode the viewer is presented with the question as to who the real freaks are — the townsfolk watching the freaks for entertainment or the people with physical deformities.
As the season continues on, more questions should be answered and more freaks will be introduced. Hopefully, backstories will be revealed and the future of the freak show will be prosperous.  In the next episode, Emma Roberts finally makes her appearance in the season as a fortune-teller. Stay tuned for the next episode and the rest of the season.
Sweet dreams, freaks.