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‘The Flash’ and ‘Gotham’ take over TV screens

Whoosh! For those who blinked and missed it, DC Comics has taken over in a flash, or rather, with “The Flash.”
In light of Marvel’s recent blockbusters and upcoming Netflix original shows, it came as no surprise that DC rushed to get its name back out there soon after, yet it seems that the quality of product DC managed in such a short period of time caught everyone off guard.
“The Flash” premiered less than a month ago and had record views for the CW. The show holds the highest views so far on the network, topping even fan-favorite “Vampire Diaries” and continues to rise with each episode — a rare occurrence for even the best shows and something that has not been seen on television since the first season of NCIS.
The show’s strongest point is not in its unique-yet-familiar plot but in its relatable take on Barry Allen. For those who do not follow the DC Comics universe, it follows a different pattern than Marvel.For example, where Wolverine is Logan and no one else, many fictional people throughout the years have been the Green Lantern. The same is found with “The Flash,” but fans have chosen a clear favorite since his introduction — Barry Allen. Choosing Allen over the Flashes  sparked immediate interest from comic fans, and Allen’s adorable nerdiness has drawn in the non-comic crowd just as strongly.
On the other hand, we find another fall TV premiere for DC. Within the first few minutes of the pilot, it is clear to see that Fox’s “Gotham” is light-years away from “The Flash.” Although they both originated from the DC Comics universe, “Gotham” takes on a much darker, violent approach to live-action comic retelling.
“Gotham’s” villains are poisoning, stabbing and ritualistically sacrificing the citizens of Gotham within the first month of the show, all to the backdrop of a young Bruce Wayne recovering from his parents’ recent death. Being present and useless during his parents’ shooting  left young Wayne in  a quiet, contemplative state; you would think for a second that actor David Mazouz is reprising his role in “Touch.”
“The Flash” however, while delicately charming and with  less shock value, does not go light handed on the loss and heartbreak. Allen similarly watched his mother die and could only look on as his father was wrongfully jailed for the crime. He seems to always see the good in the world around him, unlike the future of young Wayne.
If nothing else, despite the clear differences, both have garnered a fair share of loyal viewers already and have earned an 8.4 (“The Flash”) and an 8.2 (“Gotham”) according to the International Movie Database.

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