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We all are to blame for racism

Racism and hate are colorblind. These qualities are embedded in the hearts of all races. Racism does not discriminate against whose life it touches and neither does hate. However, both qualities produce discrimination in society.
There is no entire race hating against another. Instead there is this infinite circulation of hate that has been formed since the beginning of time. To say that only one race is at fault is not only ignorant but is also contributing to the mass racism in the world.
Are hate crimes committed by one race against another really fueled by racism or are they fueled by hate? Racism fuels hate and hate fuels racisms, but where are these qualities born?
The media spotlights countless stories of white officers killing black men and black children such as the Ferguson case.  There have also been crimes of black men killing white men such as a recent case where James Stuhlman of Philadelphia was shot and killed by two 15-year-old black teens while walking his dog in Philadelphia’s Overbrook section.
Both cases can be viewed as hate crimes, but we can never declare without a shadow of doubt that both crimes were committed with racism as the driving force or motive. Unfortunately there is an abundance of hatred out in the world, but only looking at one side of an issue is committing to the demise of society.
If we were to take a look at the whole picture here, we would unfortunately  realize that hatred is everywhere. It is unjust to portray one race as the enemy or use it as a scapegoat. The last time this happened, one of the most disgusting blemishes on society formed, the Holocaust.
Racism is not a quality instilled in us from birth. It is a learned trait, and if we are not careful we could be contributing to the cycle of hate unknowingly. No one is born hating another person because of the color of their skin or the religion they believe in. We learn hate and we teach hate. We are to blame.
People are quick to cry racism in the midst of a horrific crime instead of seeing the writing on the wall; there are people who commit terrible crimes. The color or lack of color on their skin is not always the reason these crimes are carried out.
It is racist to think only one race can be racist.tumblr_ngemrlmxK01u5ywouo1_1280

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