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McDonalds to serve breakfast 24/7

There are few experiences in life that will leave you heartbroken and ready to shed tears. There’s the ending to the movie “Titanic,” the loss of your first love and maybe hearing that LeBron James has decided to take his talents back to Cleveland.
However, there is nothing like the intense level of emotional distress that is brought on by arriving at the golden arches of a McDonald’s at 10:45 a.m., only to discover it is no longer serving breakfast. To anyone who understands that excruciating pain, we have arrived at a brighter day.
As of Oct. 6, all McDonald’s restaurants are serving most of its breakfast items from open until close. Now, if you want to get a hot sausage McMuffin after a long day at work, you can. No more waking up earlier so you can get your hands on some of those scrumptiously golden hash browns.
FGCU students seem to be in agreement when it comes to the change. Enthusiasts include Joshua Saunders, who is ecstatic about “not being restricted to just lunchtime and dinner choices.” Business major Brian Gabriel says the move will help the franchise bring in more revenue due to consumers who “only like (McDonald’s) for its breakfast.”
Other students such as Tyrone Coverson, Sherilyna Hanna and Bailey Bradin described McDonald’s’ move to all-day breakfast with shorter responses such as “fantastic,” “sensational” and “Breakfast is bomb.”
While most people love the idea of an all-day breakfast menu at McDonald’s, there are a select few that do not share the same enthusiasm: the workers who actually prepare the meals.
Some McDonald’s employees aren’t as excited about the restaurant serving its delectable breakfast items throughout the day. Former employee Arianna Taylor said how displeasured he would be if he was still working there. “Having to make that many different things at once? No way. I would’ve died. That’s too much,” he said.
It makes sense that some employees would be displeased with the new all-day breakfast menu, but most understand the bigger picture.
Corrine Metayer, manager at one of the chain’s restaurants, said that serving breakfast can get complicated, but customers come first and should “get exactly what they want.”
Next time you’re inside McDonald’s and the employee hands you your hotcakes, make sure you thank them for all their services.
According to McDonald’s, the entire breakfast menu will not be available all the time. Restaurants will be serving either biscuit or McMuffin sandwiches, but not both. According to, the options for the McMuffin sandwiches will only include the egg, sausage and the sausage with egg versions. The biscuit sandwiches will include the bacon, egg and cheese; sausage with egg; and sausage options. Pancakes, sausage burritos, fruit and maple oatmeal, and fruit and yogurt parfaits will be available all day at all restaurants.
Some say, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” but McDonald’s has brought out the tool kit, and it might actually be onto something. Despite all of the positive chatter, only time will tell how the public receives the change.

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