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Florida’s marijuana restrictions are absurd

Michael Clavelli, Senior, Communication
This letter is in reference to the article featured in the Oct. 23 issue on the “students seek drug policy reform.” I am writing this in support of the cause. The war on drugs is an important issue that is plaguing our society; furthermore, I do not understand why anybody would be opposed to the idea of using marijuana for medicinal purposes here in Florida.
Florida has a bad reputation as the hotbed of the country’s prescription drug problem. Many patients seeking relief from their ailments are prescribed to pills that are hard on their bodies and can lead to very serious addictions. What is worse is that when patients become accustomed to these medications they are forced to increase their dosage or to add another form of medication to their daily regimen. Using marijuana in place of taking multiple pills could be a much simpler solution to easing one’s pain.
Medical marijuana is proven to be a lot less addictive than these man-made drugs prescribed to patients. It is also better for certain patients that have adverse reactions to certain prescription pills such as nausea. We should not prohibit a patient from using anything that will help lessen the effects of their ailments.
Another big issue when it comes to the usage of marijuana for medical purposes are the people that are facing drug charges for growing or using this herb. If we were to legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, this will take away the fear of arrest or imprisonment for patients who are prescribed to it. What is the real purpose of prohibiting someone who is in pain from using a substance that is helping them? If it is not harming others then why are we criminalizing it? These are the questions that I have for the people opposed to this drug policy reform. We have a lot more important issues to focus on when it comes to law enforcement. Let’s stop wasting time and money on a pointless war. Let’s focus that energy onto more important issues that are present in our state.

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