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Weed could be the best thing for America

September 24, 2016

It’s time for Americans to put down the glass and pick up a joint, because sitting on a couch relaxing and eating a bag of Doritos sounds much more enjoyable than puking into a toilet. Marijuana is...

The generation that will change it all

September 8, 2016

We all have the power to make a difference in the world. The millennial generation has an opportunity to take part in something that no other generation before it could imagine doing. As we grow from young...

Olympic games anything but smooth sailing

August 24, 2016

A city vibrant with culture, festivals and sunshine would seem to be a perfect fit for the summer Olympic games. Rio de Janeiro was chosen to host the event in 2009, when Brazil was on the top of the world...

15 things freshmen should focus on

Freshman 15: Fifteen things freshmen should focus on doing

August 17, 2016

We’ve been counting down the days until the start of fall classes, and finally, it has arrived. Here are 15 things all incoming students should focus on doing during their first year at FGCU: Remember...

Group of students and staff discover themselves on study abroad trip

July 24, 2016

Going to another country to teach elementary-aged children English is no easy task, but for the 10 FGCU students and four staff members, it was a mission in which they were willing to pursue. The trip...

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Don’t let social media update you

July 22, 2016

Growing up is no walk in the park, and as we grow up, we learn and encounter new challenges that shape us into who we are. We each have our own beliefs and form our own opinions about everything imaginable....

Trump announces Pence as his running mate

July 16, 2016

It’s official: Donald Trump has chosen Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate. The selection of Pence gives Donald Trump a running mate who has strong ties to social conservatives. This section...

Prisoners are people too

July 14, 2016

It’s demoralizing, detrimental and definitely disappointing. Between 2009 and 2014, more than 4,300 federal inmates were kept beyond their scheduled release dates. Yeah, I would’ve read that number...

US lifts transgender ban in armed forces

July 13, 2016

While some might say our world is dull because of the horrible events taking place, there is at least one organization that is full of color, and that is the United States Military. In September 2011,...

Sanders endorses Clinton, with one common goal in mind

Sanders endorses Clinton, with one common goal in mind

July 12, 2016

Seeing is believing, and as citizens of the United States, we have seen a lot of change over the past year. As the presidential campaign began, those courageous enough to run for the most criticized position...

Improvements to entrance coming to FGCU

June 26, 2016

As students attend orientation this summer, they will begin to notice some changes around the entryway to campus. FGCU has planned for three enhancement projects aimed at making the campus more appealing...

The Bern will live on

June 24, 2016

Passion drives people. Passion invigorates people. Passion helps people accomplish goals, even if they seem out of reach. Bernie Sanders has shown this country that he has a passion to create a future...

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