A weak start hampers the return on ‘The X-Files’

After 14 years, FBI agents Dana Scully, played by Gillian Anderson, and Fox Mulder, played by David Duchovny, are back together to bring us the revival season of “The X-Files.” Although all of the nostalgia and excitement was there for the shows return, throughout the episode, I began to wonder if the show was better left in the past.
“The X-Files” follows the story of Mulder, a true believer in alien existence and Scully, a skeptic. The show first aired in 1993 and after nine years, the show came to a close in 2002. Now it’s back, with the first episode premiering on Sunday, Jan. 24 and the second on Monday, Jan. 25 on Fox.
The revival’s first episode, “My Struggle,” serves as an appropriate catch-up. Despite all the Easter eggs for the fans, the episode is too dense in mythology, calling attention to some of the original problems the show faced, and that’s a lot to solve in six episodes. It truly seems impossible. Add in a conspiracy theorist character, Tad O’Malley, played by Joel McHale, and the result is full of bad one-liners and clarification. Quite honestly, McHale is better off sticking with comedy because it was just awkward to watch. I was wishing for a snide comment to ease up the tension, but it just got worse. Not even a guest-star appearance by Annet Mahendru could save some of the cheesy dialogue.
Regardless of the first episode falling flat, hungry fans are probably thrilled to just have the show back. If the first episode is any indication, it was a smart idea to keep the season short with only six episodes because the major fans will forgive what the show lacks but newer fans aren’t so generous. A full-length season might have viewers running away faster than you could say, “Heroes Reborn.”