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8 movies to stream on Netflix for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here, which means many of you are either scrambling to find a gift or trying to make a reservation at a local restaurant that’s been booked solid for a month, all for that special someone. But, don’t worry; I have a plan just for you. Instead of planning something elaborate, decide to stay in, because Valentine’s Day is all about cuddling up and watching a romantic movie. This has to be true since there is a movie called “Valentine’s Day,” even though it was a rip-off of “Love, Actually.”
With so many movies about love out there, it’s hard to decide what to watch. Below, I compiled a list full of romantic movies streaming on Netflix, ranging from comedies to dramas.

  1. “Notting Hill”

“Notting Hill” tells the story of a bookstore owner William Thacker, played by Hugh Grant, who meets the superstar actress Anna Scott, played by Julia Roberts. Just like any good romantic comedy, the characters hit it off right away, but they face challenges due to her fame.

  1. “Silver Linings Playbook”

This romantic drama tells the story of two people with rough lives who find each other and learn that instead of dealing with the pain from their pasts alone, they can lean on each other. Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Copper star in this film.

  1. “50 First Dates”

What’s more romantic then filming your life everyday just so the women you love, who happens to be struggling with short-term memory loss, wakes up every morning to watch what her life has come to? That would be nothing. This romantic comedy stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.

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  1. “The Notebook”

Of course this movie would make it to the list. It’s a romance classic. Based on the Nicholas Sparks novel, “The Notebook” tells the story of Noah and Allie. It’s a manipulative tearjerker and sure to bring you and your partner closer. The film stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.

  1. “The Last Five Years”

Now if you’re into a romantic comedy with a little song and dance, then look no further. The talented Anna Kendrick plays a character that is a struggling actress, and Jeremy Jordan plays her novelist lover. The movie illustrates the struggle and deconstruction of their love affair.

  1. “Best of Me”

Another movie based off of a Nicholas Sparks novel. “Best of Me” tells the story of a couple that reconnects after their young love is strained by tragedy and hardships beyond their control. Please, for your sake, have some tissues close by for this one.

  1. “Leap Year”

Starring Amy Adams, “Leap Year” tells the story of how Anna is going to take advantage of the Irish tradition of women proposing to their boyfriends on Leap Day. What Anna didn’t expect, though, was falling in love with the Irish man she hired as a guide.

  1. “While You Were Sleeping”

Sandra Bullock shines in this romantic comedy about how she saves her crush’s life, which then leads him into a coma. While in a coma, she pretends to be engaged to him, but what she didn’t count on was falling in love with his brother.

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