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Deadpool rocks its hardcore vulgarity

The “Merc with a Mouth” is back, and he’s raunchier than ever. But of course, in the best possible way.

And in perfect Deadpool fashion, the film absolutely demolished the box office this past weekend with more than $130 million in sales. Forbes reports that for the first time since 2003, the R-rated opening-weekend record has been broken, making the $91 million-record set by “Matrix Reloaded”  look like a piece of dust. Sorry, Keanu Reeves.

And, that’s not mentioning all the other records it completely dominated this weekend.

“Deadpool,” at its core, isn’t a fresh take on the anti-hero. As actor Ryan Reynolds put it, hardcore fans of the comics will be able to appreciate the film. It centers around how Deadpool received his mutant powers, his undying love for Vanessa and sweet, sweet revenge on someone just as sadistic and royally bonkers as he is.

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Even for those who aren’t familiar with Deadpool or Marvel, the film is worthwhile for its dark sense of humor, gleeful profanity and intense action scenes. And for the loyal fans, prepare for an overwhelming amount of Marvel Easter eggs and Reynolds stroking his ego every five seconds.

The story itself is fairly average, as it is a basic story of revenge with a mutant twist and explosions on the level of Michael Bay. It doesn’t truly bring anything new or original to the table in terms of plot, as good of a time as it is. The reality is, the film isn’t about the story; it’s about the character.

This is where “Deadpool” succeeds with flying colors. Wade Wilson and his anti-hero persona Deadpool are fleshed out as a character, and the film perfectly captures his overtly vulgar, fourth-wall breaking, smart-aleck personality. Behind that terrible attitude, there is a human. He may not be able to die, but he loves, hates and perseveres just like the rest of us. Reynolds does a phenomenal job in his portrayal, and that cannot be expressed enough.

It isn’t necessarily a short-coming, but where “Deadpool” could see improvement is in its tremendous amount of sexual innuendos and genitalia gags. Sure, it’s a dirty good time, but there are so many of them that it leaves a sense of numbness. Deadpool is known for his erotic references, and that’s perfectly acceptable. Just remember, a woman can only take so much — ahem.

Because of that, young children and first date hopefuls should absolutely not see this film.

“Deadpool” has a decent amount of depth within its boisterous, risqué exterior. Once you get past the barrage of explicit language and jokes, you see the wounded character for who he really is. And of course, there’s always the gratuitous action scenes we all go to see Marvel movies for. It’s a wild ride between deep character development and keeping true to the storyline that fans have come to cherish.

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