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At FGCU your vote matters when choosing the next Student Government party for office

While the excitement of the U.S. presidential elections is underway, FGCU is having its own election process as the 2016 opposing Student Government parties are duking it out for power.

Current SG president Thieldens “T” Elneus is heading The Nest party against Jack Emmer of the FGCUnited party. Emmer is formerly from Elneus’ Synergy party last year.

But, why is it important to vote? Does the student body need to care about the SG elections?

If you’re a student, you have power in your vote. Where votes for the U.S. election are simply decimals on the grand scale of things, votes for FGCU SG are tangible, and your vote could count.

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The president of the student body has a lot of pull in executive decisions such as funding for clubs, financial changes in the school system and, even, parking issues. Each party has its own stances it wants to implement if and when it is in power.

So, if you want a platform that benefits student clubs and equality for minority and LGBT students, you’ll probably find your vote going toward The Nest, but if you like a more distinctive platform that wants to focus on medical amnesty and an app to help students find parking on campus, then FGCUnited is right for you.

Emmer claims that he’ll “bring something different” to SG, while Elneus plans on implementing established ideas. Students who aren’t freshmen may remember that Elneus ran unopposed last election, and so, his ideas weren’t scrutinized under the microscope of competition. Now that Emmer is posing a threat to the establishment, Elneus could be slipping, and your vote could make or break his lead.

Keep in mind what you stand for while you’re at the polls. Voting for a candidate’s looks or outspokenness or their niceness may seem like a gut thing, but their views may be completely off from yours. Be sure to inform yourself before you hit the polls.

Voting is a major part of any democracy, and it’s especially weighted when it’s a small election such as at a university. If you want to see change that fits your beliefs or if they just seem like a good fit for office, then let your voice be heard. The future of FGCU could hang in the balance of your voice.

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