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First ‘Wonder Woman’ trailer released at Comic Con

Wonder Woman is finally receiving her very own big screen production after decades of fans in waiting.
Her surprise appearance in DC’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” a movie that didn’t do so hot critically, was said by many superhero fans to be the best part of the movie and got people even more ready to see Wonder Woman play a leading role.
The movie is set to finally hit theaters on June 2, 2017 after many years of being postponed due to the negative stigma that superheroines don’t sell movie tickets like their male counterparts.
However, the trailer and the buzz that’s frantically surrounding it seem to be an indication that “Wonder Woman” is on it’s way to becoming a hit both critically and in the box office.
The trailer, that aired at this year’s Comic Con, is simply stunning. Gal Gadot looks fiercely beautiful as she plays the heroine role, dodging bullets and slaying her enemies with her shield, sword and, of course, signature golden lasso.
According to the trailer, the movie seems to be partially set in Wonder Woman’s mystical Paradise Islands of Themyscira, which are sure to peak the audience’s wanderlust with the magical scenery.
The love interest is played by action-hero Chris Pine. His character is Steve Trevor, a World War I pilot who convinces Diana to leave her home of Amazonian warrior women to intervene into the world of man and help them win the war.
The trailer also confirms that the iconic superheroine will be seen wearing her equally iconic, fabulous and menacing outfit — her armored tube top, skirt, high boots and headband that has become a staple in comic book history.
Don’t miss Wonder Woman kicking ass, saving the day and teaching men who’s in control in the first movie of her franchise and the first female-led superhero movie of this decade.

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