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‘Suicide Squad’ stumbles from overhype

For all the hype and excitement expected from this film, it was not as outstanding as it should have been; although, I did enjoy watching it. The plot is very poor and not what you would have expected from the trailers. The movie is about DC Comics supervillains who are in prison for their crimes. A secret government agency wants these villains to team up so that the government won’t be helpless in an attack. The supervillains, which included Deadshot and Harley Quinn, fight a supposed terrorist attack to help save the world in exchange for some redemption.
Most reviews are just plain negative. The majority of critics are bashing it for the bad plot, amount of supervillains and their tedious backstories as well as the fact that it didn’t live up to its expectations. According to The Guardian, “It’s the latest comic book wheeze: an all-villain fighting team. But too many crooks spoil the plot.”
First of all, who thought of having Captain Boomerang in this film? All he did was punch people and occasionally throw boomerangs. Shocker.
I had high hopes for Killer Croc and was disappointed. He should have been at least eight feet tall and should not resemble in any way Thing from the Fantastic Four.
I do have to give props to Jared Leto for playing the part of the Joker. After the unfortunate death of Heath Ledger, I thought no actor could ever become the Joker and still meet the requirements and expectations obligated for the character. This version of Joker was more of a classy gangster who is still very insane yet intellectual. Don’t get me wrong, Ledger is by far the best Joker ever; Leto just did an outstanding job. Too bad Joker isn’t a main character in the film and is not crucial to the main story. He should have had more screen time and more involvement with the other main characters instead of Harley Quinn.
Viola Davis. Remember that name. If she wins an award for this film, we shouldn’t be surprised. She made you think that there is actually an Amanda Weller in this world. She is God in this film. She is the woman who doesn’t care if you’re the worst criminal in the world; she’ll make you fear her.
Davis made you believe she could actually be Amanda Weller in real life. Her intimidation was felt by everyone in the theater. Her ruthlessness and apathy confused the viewer about whether she was a protagonist or one of the bad guys (girl, in this case).
So, should you watch this movie and recommend it to others? It depends.
If you are a diehard DC fan, then you wouldn’t like it to begin with.
If you want a movie that is funny and filled with action, this is the movie for you. This is a movie for you to just enjoy yourself and not be too critical of specific details.

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