Self-Care is Just as Important as Finals


EN Photo by Julia Bonavita.

Gracie Burgess, Staff Writer

College is hard and it takes a lot out of students. There are classes to attend, assignments to complete, and of course studying to power through. Sometimes, self-care is an afterthought, but it something we all need to prioritize. With finals week quickly approaching, it is all the more important that we take the extra time to take care of ourselves.

“Self-care is so important at any time, but especially in the stress of finals,” FGCU sophomore Abbi Jalbert said. “When you’re feeling stressed, you’re not operating at your best and you won’t do your best on your exams and projects.”

Self-care can take many forms. You can take the time to be mindful, meditate, go on a walk around campus, spend time with friends, or listen to your favorite music. Self-care is something that is unique to each individual.

“Self-care is anything that allows you to hone in on how you’re feeling and reset,” Jalbert said. “Taking a minute for yourself helps to prevent burnout and reduce stress.”

When students practice self-care, they can take a break from the chaos of college life. There are many opportunities around campus to aid in practicing self-care. One option is taking a break from studying to explore the nature walks on campus. FGCU also offers events that encourage students to unwind. Just this month organizations on campus hosted dance marathons, poetry slams and karaoke nights. There’s something going on every week here on campus and most events are open to the whole student body.

“Self-care is important because if you don’t care about yourself, you can’t be the real you,’” FGCU sophomore Jeff Dubuque said.  “You also can’t be in the right frame of mind when making hard decisions that could leave a lasting impact on your life.”

In college, students are faced with a lot of tough choices. It can be hard to decide where you want to sit on the first day of classes, who your friends will be, if you want to go out or spend the extra hour studying. Decisions that are made while you are in the healthiest possible frame of mind are most likely to be decisions that will benefit you in the long run!