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‘22 Jump Street’ a repeat?

"22 Jump Street," staring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum is out in theaters June 13.
“22 Jump Street,” staring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum is out in theaters June 13.

Some more Tatum and Hill? Why not! The legendary co-stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are back again in ‘22 Jump Street.’ Yes, the sequel to ‘21 Jump Street’ remade from the television show in 1987.
As the film starts out, there is a recap of the main characters Schmidt and Jenko’s relationship from the first movie- being a bully and a loner, reuniting in the police academy, becoming partners/friends, and their adventure back at high school.
They may be done with high school, again, but now they are sent to college at MC State. Why? For a drug bust, again. ‘22 Jump Street’s’ Captain Dickson found another synthetic drug that was involved in a student’s death on campus. Schmidt and Jenko’s mission is to find the possible dealer. They quickly get caught up in the “college life” and forget their mission and seek out help from Molson (Dave Franco) and Mr. Walters (Rob Riggle). Now, all they have to look for is a specific tattoo. Jenko finds himself a new friend, Zook (Wyatt Russel), which happens to be the football team’s quarterback. They instantaneously become inseparable. Schmidt feels hopeless and alone without his partner and friend.
The bromance was bound to fall, just like the first movie. Jenko decides to stay in college and take football seriously and Schmidt went back to being a bike cop. The moment Schmidt gets a lead, he and Jenko are back at it, causing a mess. They just can’t get a break.
If you are worrying about the comedy, it was laughs from beginning to end. By the time the second joke came around, you would still be laughing from the previous one. Even the short soppy scene was a chuckle here and there. The story line was pretty much the same as the first with finding a drug bust, not being partners anymore, reuniting, and taking down the dealer. Whether you need to laugh, hear Hill being a smart ass, or of course see Tatum just because, then it’s a must see now!

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