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Movie Review: Migration

Leah Lurie

Spoiler Alert

A couple of weeks ago, I finally went to see “Migration” in the movie theaters. The reason I wanted to see this movie was not only for its cute animated characters, but for its hilarious cast. Stars like Awkwafina (Crazy Rich Asians), Danny DiVito (The Lorax) and Keegan-Michael Key (Key and Peele) were in it alongside many more beloved actresses and actors. They really made “Migration” laugh-out-loud-worthy.

“Migration” is about the Mallards, a duck family, who live in a quaint pond. Mack Mallard (the father duck) loves this quiet pond and teaches his family to never leave the pond because it may be dangerous. One day a group of ducks migrating to Jamaica invites them along. Gwen, Dax (the children ducks) and Pam Mallard (the mother duck) all want to explore. However, Mack condescendingly declines the duck’s offer.

The movie does start slow and I didn’t really like that, however, I interpreted it as a mirror to the Mallards’ life, slow with no risk. I will say it is a trust-the-process type of movie but worth it.

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Within many exchanges between Mack and his family wanting to see something other than the pond, it’s hilarious to watch and relatable. With every decision comes a risk, and for Mack that risk was the safety of his family. Sometimes risks pan out to wonderful results, even with bumps along the way. We see this a lot in “Migration.”

For instance, after Mack is convinced to take his family and migrate to Jamaica, they get lost and accidentally land in New York. While Mack is scared for his family, Pam adapts to the harsh New York way in order to earn the respect of a tough one-footed pigeon and her flock. She in turn finds help for the Mallard family to go to Jamaica. Gwen embraces the beauty of New York and Dax tries to take on more responsibility.

In “Migration,” none of the characters are 2D and lack depth or get lost in the story. The animation is so beautiful and you can see the different details and colors of each bird. The scenery will engulf you.

“Migration” is rated PG, however, it’s entertaining for all ages, even for those who aren’t animation fans. Those who love Key and Peele understand that Key shows his over-the-top personality in everything he does. He plays a locked-up multi-colored Jamaican parrot. His character’s name is Delroy and was my favorite out of the entire cast. You find yourself waiting for him to say something knowing you will laugh. I feel that way about anything Key is a part of.

I would give “Migration” a four out of five stars. It is great for the entire family, even with a slow start. The writers put jokes in for the adults in the family and they also implemented life lessons for everyone to learn. The animation is beautiful all throughout and just a relaxing enjoyable movie.

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