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Baby Boomers: Planned Parenthood rumors are blown out of proportion

We’ve known for a while that Americans like to cling onto their age-old traditions and obliterate any chance of their nation’s morality being challenged or opened up for new and progressive movements. That being said, when technology evolves and we have potential to change lives through stem cells and other parts of fetuses who otherwise would not have lived, it creates a conservative American’s worst nightmare.
This month, candid videos of Planned Parenthood associates discussing the fate of aborted fetuses have surfaced showing some very dicey and questionable motives behind the organization. Although PP has stated that these few employees do not reflect the overall views of the organization, many media groups such as Fox and Life News have jumped at the bit and more or less accused the group of being devil-worshipping feminists who devour babies for sport.
Let’s be clear that PP has been primarily known as a source for women to prevent unwanted pregnancies; STDs and abortion services account for roughly 3 percent of what PP does according to their fact sheets. PP is not an abortion clinic and its influence on the “dead baby” population is overplayed.
The videos focus primarily on the fact that PP sells unborn fetus parts to StemExpress, a for-profit company that specializes in stem-cell research. Now, obviously, the coverage of this would be less prevalent if the company was some charitable nonprofit, but we’re talking about laundering baby parts for money. Clearly, money should never be involved in medical procedures, right?
It’s not my job to be a moral spokesman for what a group such as PP should or shouldn’t do with the parts it obtains. Is it a bit strange that the organization sells to a business and not a charity? Perhaps, but it doesn’t make it morally wrong. Stem-cell research is prevalent in Europe and other regions and it helps cure otherwise untreatable diseases and disabilities. Americans travel far and wide to have their lives changed only because stemcell research is frowned upon so heavily in this country. It’s like in that “Family Guy” episode when Peter Griffin get’s treated for a stroke.
“Why aren’t we funding this?”
To agree that the representatives of PP who spoke nonchalantly about fetus parts is not impractical. I think those individuals should be terminated and PP should be more represented as a place to come for help. But people’s lives are at stake, and to use fetus parts (fetuses that would have otherwise been discarded) to save lives is a just use for humanity no matter if it involves payment.

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