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Augustus Sol Invictus: Another ‘Florida Man’

We all know the common stereotype: Our familiar protagonist and hometown hero, “Florida Man,” is seen either on the run or arrested for some bizarre crime. From a Miami man under the influence of bath salts who ate somebody’s face off, to the man who claimed vampires commanded him to dance atop a police vehicle in Cape Coral, “Florida Man” represents the best (or worst) of the Sunshine State.
As highly praised as Florida Man is, we wouldn’t ever imagine a crazed man in any form of political office, much less the night-shift manager at a Circle K, right?
Enter Augustus Sol Invictus, a U.S. Senate candidate. The Libertarian party member and latest Florida Man incarnate admitted to “sacrificing” a goat and drinking its blood.
In 2013, Invictus said he walked from Central Florida to the Mohave Desert where he spent a week fasting. Upon returning to Florida, he killed a goat to give thanks and drank the goat’s blood.
Invictus claims the act was part of a pagan ritual.
“I sacrificed an animal to the god of the wilderness,” Invictus told the Associated Press.
Adrian Wyllie, chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida, has refused to draw attention to Invictus’ candidacy; however, Wyllie told a BBC reporter that Invictus holds extreme views and brutally dismembered the goat.
“He’s a self-proclaimed fascist.,” Wyllie said. “He’s promoting a second civil war. This guy has no place in the Libertarian Party.”
This could be a devastating blow to the Libertarian party. Bad press such as this could land the group in the same category as Tea Party Republicans.
Although the “self-proclaimed” fascist proposes a second civil war, Invictus is supported in part by white supremacy groups; however, the candidate denies being a racist.
Invictus is unlikely to be elected senator, but this could set new standards for our understanding of Florida Man. He may not have been on drugs when he drank goat’s blood.The pagan senatorial candidate was influenced by the blazing Florida heat like most of his predecessors.

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