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Merry Christmas from Deadpool

Christmas, the day a jolly man in a red suit with superhuman capabilities bestows gifts for everyone near and far. This gentleman is, of course, Deadpool.
As part of a promotional campaign, 20th Century Fox held “12 Days of Deadpool,” which started on Dec. 14 and ended on Dec. 25, different news outlets released little teasers to get people excited for the trailer – mostly in the form of movie posters but by the last day the trailer was released, or shall I say trailers. Marvel Comics gifted not just one but two brand new trailers for the highly anticipated film starring Ryan Reynolds.
One trailer was given the name “Green Band” while the other was dubbed the “Red Band” (Get it?). The Green Band version can be seen amongst most outlets whereas the Red Band version, containing the same material, is filled with plenty expletives, giving the trailer the movies R-rated feel.
The film tells the story of Wade Wilson, a former Special Forces operative who gets diagnosed with terminal cancer and is then subjected to undergo a rogue experiment that grants him accelerated healing powers. Thus, Deadpool was born. Armed with his new abilities and his dark, twisted sense of humor, Deadpool is on the hunt to get the man who nearly destroyed his life.
The release of these trailers was even more exciting for the diehard X-Men fans out there. There were a handful of familiar faces present in the trailer such as Colossus, who is seen to be working alongside Deadpool. In the comic books, Deadpool gained his unbreakable status thanks to a regenerative poser given to him by the Weapon X project. This is the same one that made the Wolverine what he is (with the adamantium skeleton). The Weapon X project basically turned beings into living weapons, making them unstoppable machines.
In the trailer, about a minute and ten seconds in, a character that looks a lot like Marrow can be seen. Marrow has the mutant power of excessive bone growth, with that she breaks off the bones and uses them to either stab or throw them at people. She also had a few run-ins with Weapon X, giving her the connection to Deadpool. Marrow’s appearance here is more likely just a cameo from what I saw in the trailer. But, it could have some greater significance later on in the film franchise as a whole.
Personally, I love the second trailer way more than the first. Its funnier, the action looks amazing, and the characters look incredibly fun. Compared to all the other Marvel movies, I feel like this one is not only going to be filled with action but with enough crude humor to match. What Reynolds is doing with this role is truly special. Who knows? We might all forget that before he was the Green Lantern. Trust me, I bet Reynolds wants that too.
“Deadpool” arrives in theaters Feb. 12.

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