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Megan Turetsky

Make the right call

You and some friends decide to drink together in your dorm room on a Saturday night. You’re not 21, but you’re not driving so you’re not too concerned. Things get out of hand and one of your friends gets sick. Really sick....

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Wrong side of history

“Keep the ban on gay marriage.” The other night I shared a post on Facebook about Florida potentially abolishing the ban on gay marriage and I was hit with this response. In the following few moments I was dragged into a heated...

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Hockey funding at risk

Student Government put the club hockey team on ice at Tuesday night’s senate meeting. The bill was indefinitely tabled, leaving the team without SG funding. The bill encompassed ice time at Germain Arena for the Division 2 and...

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The ISIS crisis

It seems as though issues with Middle Eastern affairs have quickly become the most prevelant controversy in the media today. For the most part, people have become lapsed from foreign affairs, but this is not an issue to shy away...

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Stop feminism

We really need to get rid of the F word, and no, I’m not referring to the one that rhymes with duck. It’s time to eradicate the term “feminism.” The Oxford English dictionary has defined feminism as the advocacy of women’s...

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