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Cherub remixes its way to the mainstream

The Band Cherub.

The Band Cherub.

If you’re like me and spend hours a day reading and searching through indie blogs while trying restlessly to find that next power band, then I don’t doubt by now you’ve finally caught on to Cherub. And if you have never heard any of Cherub’s songs, any serious music listener would at least admit to having seen the name attached to some sort of remix or collaboration. By now you’re probably wondering who they are and why their name is becoming so familiar. I’m here to tell you it’s because they’re about to take over the scene.

Cherub is that band everyone claims they knew about way before they actually did. With electronic influences and synth rock arranging, Cherub first hits you as a Passion Pit track but quickly transcends into a category unlike anything else seen in music right now. A notable track of Cherub’s that is sure to be a summer time jam as the end of exams approaches is their party anthem “Doses and Mimosas,” which combines romantic lyrics with highly trippy soundscapes and danceable beats. If you’re not listening to this track with the windows down on the way to the beach, I won’t believe you had a good summer.

The two-piece band from Nashville started out on the Internet as a small-time band, asking not for money but for any chance at a listen. Since then the band has become an Internet sensation, positioning themselves into Web immortality. The band has performed at big time stages, such as Lollapollza and Bonnaroo, and is showing no signs of slowing down. If you’re going to Bonnaroo this year, trust me this is not a band you want to miss seeing live while they’re still young and preserved. For everyone else, look them up on YouTube, try out their SoundCloud, or play them on Pandora or Spotify. One thing is sure, though, Cherub will not be quiet for much longer.

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