Tomorrow night, Eagle Radio Music Festival Welcomes Back Eagle Alumnus


Jessica Piland

SigFlo is returning to the stage after performed at the 2022 Eagle Radio Music Festival. He’ll be one of the featured artists at the 2023 Eagle Radio Music Festival tomorrow night.

Addyson McCullough, Staff Writer

DONEFOR and SigFlo, two returning gigs, are ready to perform at their alma mater for the seventh annual Eagle Radio Music Festival tomorrow, Mar. 23 at 7 p.m. Parker Shogren, the frontman of DONEFOR, and Creflo Adderley, also known as SigFlo, are no stranger to the stage.

Shogren formed DONEFOR in Nov. 2022 after recruiting members of existing bands to play with him. He wrote music and lyrics but recognized he needed more people to achieve his target sound. DONEFOR’s music is classified as pop-punk and has songs featured on local and national radio stations. 

Shogren writes the music and lyrics and is the lead singer and a guitarist. Members Christian Molina plays the drums and Riley Stewart and Zack Lulf play guitar and do vocals. Lulf’s forte is notably scream vocals.

In elementary school, Shogren learned to play the Paper Jamz Guitar, a children’s guitar toy. In middle school and high school, he took advantage of every opportunity to perform, despite not pursuing music or performing due to sports. 

“I thought it’d be the coolest thing in elementary school to play guitar in front of all my friends and be so popular and so cool,” Shogren said. 

Parker Shogren performed at the 2022 Eagle Radio Music Festival. He’s returning with his band, DONEFOR, for the 2023 Eagle Radio Music Festival tomorrow night. (Jessica Piland)

In his teenage years, Shogren discovered the band Three Days Grace through their song “I Hate Everything About You.” Through this discovery, he realized the impact of emotional music. 

“I started getting into heavier music, more emotional music, and that allowed me to really share things that people are willing to listen to,” Shogren said. 

He began writing his own music and reaching out to radio stations. Before he knew it, his songs were played over the radio and gaining traction, giving him the opportunity to tour with Nearly Spent. Shogren also says he’s opened for popular bands like Korn, Breaking Benjamin and Evanescence. 

Other members of DONEFOR have opened for Wiz Khalifa at various music festivals. Eagle Radio Music Festival was Shogren’s first time performing his original music in front of a crowd not made up of friends and family. Since then, he has had opportunities to play for crowds with upwards of 300 people. 

“I’d love to be famous and have the chance to change people’s lives with [my music]. But again, if I’m not famous, and I do still make an impact on people’s lives, that would be the thing I’m looking for,” Shogren said. 

He graduated from FGCU in the summer term of 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in secondary social science education and currently teaches civics at Six Mile Charter Academy. While he loves the ability music gives him to make an impact, he is also aiming to make an impact in his classroom. 

Adderley, also known as SigFlo, grew up surrounded by music, influencing him to become a self taught R&B and hip-hop artist. 

He started music lessons at five years old. Learning music and practical theory to singing at church, Adderley became submerged in his love for music. 

“I just always had a love for music and creating music. That’s why I do it. Even if I don’t get rich off of it. It doesn’t matter. Because I’ll still be making it until I die,” Adderley said. 

He observes and learns from, what is widely considered, “the greats” when it comes to being a performer and having a distinctive stage presence.

“[Micheal Jackson]’s arguably the best live performer who ever lived, just due to the fact that he has that ultimate stage presence,” Adderley said. “And as I looked at videos of him performing live, I looked at other videos of other artists from all genres performing live and I pretty much took notes of what works, what doesn’t work, try it out, and like local, open mics and local showcases. I went to some karaoke spots so I could build up my confidence and stage presence.” 

Through middle and the beginning of high school, Adderley’s main focus was on sports. 

“After high school, while in high school, I started like straying away from sports and like going back to music,” Adderley said. “Because I don’t know just something about music, it’s just therapeutic.”

In 2018 he visited his home in the Bahamas after moving to the United States at 14. While there he created music with his friends and decided to release it on SoundCloud.

SigFlo returns to the stage after performed at the 2022 Eagle Radio Music Festival. He’ll be one of the featured artists at the 2023 Eagle Radio Music Festival tomorrow night. (Jessica Piland)

“[The Song] was getting some good feedback and traffic going towards [the song]” Adderley said. “Even though I wasn’t even that dedicated, I felt like that was a sign to go back to my roots.” 

That experience encouraged him to keep creating and pushing out art for people to hear. 

Adderley graduated from FGCU in the spring of 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in communication and a minor in marketing. While at FGCU he worked alongside Eagle Media and won the Producer of the Year Award his final year. He now works as an audio visual technician while working on his music.

Taking the stage with SigFlo and DONEFOR are Next Gen, Jessie King, Ralph Curtis, Jo.flp, Billie Rose, Gudfellas, Mingo Drive and Divine Intervention. The show will be on the Great Lawn, also known as the library lawn, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. tomorrow night. 

Admission, food, Eagle Media merchandise and other activities are all free at the festival.