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Amy Schumer shares laughs with audience at Germain Arena

Amy Schumer walked out to a sold out show at Germain Arena on Saturday night to an audience cheering and screaming for the much-anticipated raunchy girl next door.
With a bottle of wine in one hand and a microphone in the other, Schumer took center stage, shouting, “What’s up, Estero?”
As the crowd kept cheering, Schumer’s smile grew wide, as she said, “Let’s just have a good night and just forget about everything else.”
And, for the next 60 minutes, we did.
“Thanks for coming out tonight,” Schumer said. “There are so many other things you could’ve been doing instead of sitting here. Such as…” She lightly joked on how there wasn’t really anything else to do in Estero but then went on to talk about her days of doing stand-up at Captain Brian’s Seafood Market and Restaurant in Sarasota three years ago, saying, “Performing stand-up comedy in a seafood restaurant is the lowest you can possibly go.”
Schumer’s humor can get pretty risqué. She can talk about an embarrassing moment in her relationship and isn’t afraid to use some colorful language. So, to be safe, most of her jokes shouldn’t be aired on a family television network.
But, her clean and dirty jokes had that crowd laughing. The audience was a weird mix of millennials and baby boomers, which Schumer took notice of, saying, “Most of the crowd tonight is really old, which means you all are going to be the best ones in here because you don’t care. You have been through it all.”
A joke that was carried throughout the night was focused on her body image and her new battles as a celebrity.
“I posted a photo a couple months ago of me just wearing underwear,” Schumer said. “From that, I have learned the one word you do not want to be called in this situation: Brave.”
Throughout the performance, she would call herself brave and even go on to say that she thinks everyone deserves to be happy in their own skin and how it is unfair that Hollywood has changed everyone’s views on this.
The “Trainwreck” star even went on to talk about politics. Schumer started off by saying she doesn’t care who anyone supports, that it’s his or her decision.
“Personally, I am a Hillary Clinton fan,” Schumer said. She went on to talk about how she was invited to perform at Clinton’s birthday party and was asked to sit next to her for the event, but then, an audience member shouted, “Who cares?”
Schumer turned to find him in the crowd and told him to come on stage, but he refused. His outburst in the audience caused him to become the butt of a lot of jokes for the rest of the night.
When Schumer talked about how she agreed with Clinton’s stance on gun control, she said, “People who have been convicted of domestic abuse and are on the terrorism watch list should have a harder time getting a firearm.” While saying this, Schumer had her arms pointing in the direction of the guy who had the earlier outcry.
Schumer then went on to make fun of the way she is portrayed in the style section of magazines. She showed a picture in which her sister was described as wearing a burgundy and canary cap to then point out that her sister was wearing a hat from Harry Potter.
“It is a Gryffindor hat,” Schumer said in exasperation.
Judging by the laughter, it was clear the audience got their money’s worth. Though Schumer’s comedy can be caustic and biting at times, people are still drawn to every word she says. What makes her so appealing to others is her brains and how she is so relatable. She’s like that friend who never misses a chance to tease you but finds a way to avoid insulting you.

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