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Mac Miller experiments with new sound in ‘The Devine Feminine’

Mac Miller released his latest album “The Divine Feminine” on Sept. 16, debuting at number two on the U.S. Billboard Top 200.

Miller has introduced a brand new persona and I must admit, I’m into it.

The album has a new beat, very different from what we usually hear from him.

He experiments with jazzy mid-tempo beats (“Dang!” feat. Anderson .Pakk) ranging all the way to some R&B with a Miller twist (“My Favorite Part” feat. Ariana Grande).

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This album gives us a look into Miller’s personal love life, his heartbreaks, his love affairs, finding the meaning of what a soulmate is and a lot of – well, his song “Skin” says it all.

In an interview with, Miller said, “It was actually a concept that was told to me about just the energy of the world being a female energy, the energy of the planet and just kind of like how that mirrors the soul of a woman and you know, like Mother Earth and falling in love with the universe.”

There is honestly not one song on this album that I dislike. I could tell you about all the great tracks on the album, but instead I’ll just break down my top three songs.

“Congratulations” feat. Bilal has just taken me to a whole new world.

Those instrumentals mixed in with Miller’s suave voice is just  pleasing perfection. I feel like every lady in the world needs to hear how much she is loved. How without her that person is nothing, about her pure-selfless love. How she is the best thing ever and waiting for her is worth it. No disappointment here, Miller does exactly that in this song, repeat mode please.

“Dang!” feat. Anderson .Pakk is another one of my favorites. These jazzy vibes are all I need to cheer myself up. I swear, when I listen to this track while I’m walking, it gives my strut — feel free to try it out — more energy.

So basically, on this song, Miller and .Pakk talk about all the things that go wrong in their relationships with their girls, how they fight, let them down, act childish and don’t step up. They sense that their girls want to leave, but they are asking them to stay. Love isn’t perfect, but they are definitely worth fighting for.   

As if this album couldn’t get any better, Miller joined forces with music master mind King Kendrick — that’s Kendrick Lamar, in case that wasn’t clear — and together they created “God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty.”

Stop that thought, they are not calling God “sexy nasty.” Let me explain.

This record talks about the beauty of being in a relationship. It’s sexy, nasty, like the person you fall in love with. They are poised and beautiful in everything that they do (sexy), yet have the power to bring you down in seconds (nasty). God comes into the mix as the fair judge of our sins, in this case giving into our sexual desires with our partner is sinful. 

Therefore, it talks about God passing fair judgement.

So, if you still haven’t heard Miller’s new album, get out of that cave and get on that, pronto.

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