Gaga: Five Foot Two

Beautiful is the first thing that comes to mind when describing this film. “Five Foot Two” is an empowering film that embodies pure, raw, vulnerable emotion. Lady Gaga took off her mask and revealed her deepest and darkest side. She let her fans see her in her most sensitive and private moments. From her exquisite love for her family to her struggles with chronic pain, heartbreaks from men in both the industry and her love life, and the completion of her latest album, you will be inspired by her artistry and her divine strength.
Gaga’s rawness makes you see her as a woman that is simply trying to find her way, just like everyone else.
“I just think about other people that like, have maybe something like this, that are struggling to figure out what it is, and they don’t have the quick money to have somebody help them. Like I don’t know what I’d f*king do. If I didn’t have everybody here to help me, what the hell would I do?” Gaga said.
This powerful quote made my respect for her rise through the roof. She was talking about her chronic spasmodic pain that hinders her from performing. Her words made me see her true character and depth of caring for others in need.
When she sat with her grandmother and played the song “Jolene,” a song written for her and her father, it will make you cry. It was such a moving part of the film that makes you see how much her love for her family and fans drives her.
She is a true overcomer, she detests labels, and is a true fighter for self-love and discovery. She is brave, rebellious, a warrior, a feminist, and an extraordinary woman.
This is a must-see film where you will recognize the diamond heart behind the woman that is Lady Gaga.