YG and J. Cole headlining at 2014 Eaglepalooza, Nov. 20

At last night’s ROC the Nest, it was announced that renowned rappers YG and J. Cole will be the featured acts at the eighth annual Eaglepalooza this fall.
ROC the Nest opened with much excitement from not only the crowd of students there for the free food, games and prizes, but also the programming board, which was obviously pleased to share the upcoming news after nearly four months of planning.
Programing Board Vice President Ansley Parish and Director of Concerts, Bill Polin, prematurely took the stage only an hour into the event. The reason soon became evident as they smiled through the sudden surge of humidity and lightning during the Eaglepalooza announcement.
Despite the weather cutting the event short soon after, the board seemed to take comfort in already knowing its decision would go over well with the rest of the student body, which did not make it out to ROC the Nest.
“We chose these acts based on who’s popular on campus—who’s big with the students,” said Jessica Williams, Programming Board President.
In spite of the valiant effort to please the masses, the Programming Board has faced some heat for its artist choices in the past. This may come as no surprise given the diverse student population, whose musical taste ranges from country to reggaeton.
“We really do take the students’ considerations into account,” said Williams. “The thing with the music industry right now is there are a lot of artists that don’t come to college campuses.”
For any disappointed with this year’s lineup, be sure to provide your feedback for the board to improve upon in the coming years, but if past years serve as a valid example, 2014 Eaglepalooza should be even better than the last. Student tickets will go on sale beginning Sept. 5 at the bookstore for $20 a pop.