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Do Advisors Do Enough On Campus?

Graphic By: Bella Lopez

FGCU currently has a ratio of 500 students to one advisor. According to the National Academic Advising Association, the recommended ratio is 300 students per advisor. FGCU’s above average ratio takes a toll on the availability that advisors have for their students.

Universities across Florida are experiencing a hiring push for advisors, and their ratios are decreasing. Florida Atlantic University recently dropped from 400 students to 300 students per advisor. UF is already at 165 students to one advisor. FGCU, however, is still at nearly double the recommended ratio. 

FGCU advisors offer appointments during their available hours, weekly 15 minute drop-in meetings from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., and contact through email and phone calls. However, appointment slots are nearly always booked, and getting called in for the drop-in meetings regularly takes about 30-60 minutes after signing in. Around the next semester’s registration date, it can even take up to two hours.

There have been multiple occasions when I couldn’t find a time slot to meet with my advisor for registration questions before my registration date. I had to go to the drop-in meetings and wait for over an hour to get called in for a quick 15-minute discussion about my next steps. Although my advisor did her best to discuss all of my worries with me in the short period of time we had together, I was stressed out and felt alone in my academic journey.

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Many of my friends have been through multiple advisors throughout their time at FGCU due to shifts in hiring and job positions. When fully staffed, FGCU has 43 advisors, but we’re normally understaffed. Therefore, there are frequent changes in the advising staff, which directly affects the students who are constantly floated to different advisors.

I’ve been through four advisors in my three years at FGCU due to staff changes. I plan on graduating early and going to law school, which is something I talked about extensively with one advisor. Then, my advisor assignment changed, and I was expected to re-explain my specific degree course to maintain my track for early graduation and law school with my new advisor.

For those planning on attending graduate school like me, remaining with the same advisor is especially crucial. I received advice, resources and a specific plan for my remaining years at FGCU with my previous advisor. She knew my plan and helped me tweak it to maximize time efficiency, quality education and the ideal path that law schools favor. Since I have been through an advisor change before and I only have one year left before I graduate, I decided to continue seeing my previous advisor to avoid confusion and potential track changes despite my reassignment.

I understand the busyness of our advisors and I am thankful for their help. Aside from advising services, they have other responsibilities, such as supporting the university’s efforts in achieving performance excellence and professional development. They also must focus on training and servicing the institution and community. 


Therefore, it would do FGCU well to join the hiring push and assure students that their advisor is there to stay so long as they can help it to maintain stability and quality experience

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