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The Importance of Black History Month

Bella Lopez

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” This quote comes from one of the most influential African Americans to ever walk the face of the earth, Frederick Douglass. This powerful sentiment is a realistic and truthful way to look at the adventure that Black people had to go through to get to where they are now. Due to people like Douglass, every February, we celebrate the long turbulent road Black people had to endure to get what they deserve.

In addition to Douglass, there have been so many impactful activists in the Black community to inspire change throughout America, but none stronger than Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was born on Jan. 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia and rapidly became the most meaningful and significant leader of the Black community. King’s idea to create change was not to fight back, but to peacefully protest, his goal was to get his message across in extremely infectious ways through speeches, rallies and more. King brought out the best in participants as they were able to drop the resentment and violent aspects of their movement and were able to dive into the peaceful, yet extraordinarily influential side of the campaign. His everlasting effect has made gigantic leaps for the Black community. Sadly, there are still people stuck in the past.

Black History Month is designed to remind society about the struggle African Americans faced, how they were harmed and the lives that were lost. It also shows how hard they fought. One of the most paramount features that Black History Month showcases is the promotion of equality and inclusion. By acknowledging and celebrating Black history, the purpose of the month is to promote equality and inclusion through the tough times and triumphs that African Americans faced, such as slavery, segregation, and discrimination. This encourages a more involved and understanding environment.          

Additionally, Black History Month inspires future generations by providing role models and showcasing examples of resilience, determination and ultimately victory. Highlighting these incredible stories of Black leaders and trailblazers can motivate individuals to pursue their goals and make positive contributions to society. Likewise, Black History Month serves as a platform to educate and inform citizens about the diverse background of African Americans. This helps diffuse myths, challenge stereotypes and promote a more accurate understanding of the historical and cultural contributions of the Black community.

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Black History Month originated in the United States and has been providing an opportunity for people to learn about and appreciate the contributions of the Black community. The United States is a true melting pot and without all different kinds of people, we would not be who we are as a country.

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