Childish Gambino back again with single ‘Me and Your Mama’

Childish Gambino has released a new track, titled “Me and Your Mama,” just a few weeks before the release of his upcoming album, “Awaken, My Love!”

Gambino, also known as by his real name, Donald Glover, just finished the first season of FX’s “Atlanta,” a show he created and starred in.

This is Gambino’s first release of music under the Gambino name since his 2014 EP “Kauai.”

It’s hard to call “Me and Your Mama” a traditional hip hop song. It has heavy jazz and rock influences and gives off a somewhat psychedelic vibe.

The six-minute song sets the listener up in the first two minutes with very light, plush production and light background singing.

Then, the track changes dramatically into aggressive guitar instrumentation, revealing a vocal ability Gambino fans may not have been aware he possessed. Gambino hits many screeching high notes that work well with the song.

Gambino has always gone for the non-traditional with his music, and “Me and Your Mama” is no exception.

The track has a similar feel to his 2013 studio album “Because the Internet,” which many rap critics considered one of the best albums of that year.

“Me and Your Mama” will make the anticipation for “Awaken, My Love!” only grow stronger, as music fans wait for the upcoming album.