Winter Break Excitement

James Curtis, Staff Writer

With winter break commencing, students share their excitement towards their time off for the holiday season before the start of the spring semester. For students, it’s just just in time for a break from classes and a few weeks off campus.

“I’m looking forward to next semester but the time off is much needed,” senior John Cwikowski said.

The break is the perfect time to de-stress and relax before going back into the swing of things when classes start back up in January. Some students really felt the pressure from this past semester.

“I’m just excited to unwind and take a break for a while because school has been so stressful,” senior Kelly Pingitore said. “And it feels so good to finally be done for a couple weeks.

Plans for what students are doing over winter break varies. While some students are staying home and just enjoying time with their loved ones, others are planning on traveling for the holidays.

“I’m going back home over break,” Cwikowski said. “I live in Port Charlotte so it isn’t far. I don’t have any plans other than to relax and enjoy my time off from school, so being able to hang out with friends and family will be nice.”

It’s the little things that bring people calmness during the break. Things that seem simple like quality time, actually mean a lot.

“I am staying home in the Tampa area with my family,” junior Holly Brophy said. “I have a few plans for break, like going to Busch Gardens and going to Ybor City with my mom for lunch. Other than that, I’ll be relaxing at home and working. And I’m really looking forward to seeing my family, dogs, and giving my family their gifts.”

Traditions are an important part of the holiday season and some students have fun holiday traditions they’re looking forward to when they are back with family. Celebration is huge around this time of the year.

“For the holidays, my parents make my brothers and I a big breakfast,” Cwikowski said. “Stuff like biscuits and gravy, sausage, bacon and my favorite, cheesy hash brown casserole.”

Some traditions may be ones that aren’t as well known unlike opening presents or decorating ornaments.

“My family is Italian so we do the Feast of the Seven Fishes for Christmas Eve,” Pingitore said. “It’s a big feast and it’s so much fun.”

No matter what you’re doing during this holiday season, enjoy this break. Take the time with loved ones and try to make the most of the time you have. If you aren’t able to be with loved ones, take care of yourself and relax. Happy holidays everyone!