Less Than Two Weeks After Winning Presidency, Vice President-Elect Steps Down

Abigail Muth, Staff Writer

Today at noon, Student Body Vice President-Elect Miniya McNair announced she will not be stepping into the role come April.

McNair announced this by posting a black image on the Instagram page @em.sg23. She and Student Body President-Elect Emory Cavin used this account to promote their campaign. 

“I’m reaching out to you all with some news. I regret to say that I Miniya McNair am turning down the Student Body Vice President role. Due to unforeseen circumstances and a private matter I will not be able to commit to this job,” McNair said in the post.

“Thank to everyone who voted and supported us,” she continued in the post. “My time campaigning taught me a lot about how students at FGCU feel and I am still passionate about the platform Emory and I ran on. It is unfortunate that I will not be his Vice President but by no means does this mean I will not still advocate for student workers on this campus, fight for more representation among our leadership, and actively work on reaching out to different departments within my current positions.”

McNair and Cavin were elected on March 2 at The Boardwalk in North Lake Village when Supervisor of Elections Owen Rhoads announced this year’s election winners. 

“Lastly I want to emphasize that now is the time to be involved,” she continued. “Whether you are a first-year or a fourth-year student you still have a voice on this campus and have every right to utilize it. There will always be a way to actively engage in student government. The Senate still has seats to fill and Emory will eventually be looking for his cabinet. I encourage everyone who is willing and able to participate where they can whether that be within student government or not. The more engaged we are on campus the better the experience we will all have.”

The current student government code of elections does not mention anything about candidates dropping out after the elections and before their start date, which is April 1. 

“I know that Emory will do a great job as your Student Body President and I cannot wait to see all the good he will do. -Sincerely Miniya McNair,” she said at the end of her post.