Accidental Disclosure of Eagle ID Card Information Causes Hundreds of Remade Cards

Hayley Lemery, Assignment & Features Editor

Students, faculty and staff members were alerted today at 3:11 p.m. of an accidental disclosure on Feb. 8 of a file containing information about Eagle ID cards created prior to Aug. 25, 2022.

The unauthorized party disclosed their access to FGCU in regards to accessing a file containing names, UINs, and FGCU-specific Eagle ID card numbers.

FGCU is deactivating affected card numbers for transactional purposes on Apr. 3, 2023,” the email read. “Existing door/building access will continue to function after deactivation.”

Business Services has since removed any further potential risk of people gaining unauthorized access. 

“[We] are improving our detection capabilities to minimize the risk of this happening again,” read the email.

Because of the breach, hundreds of new ID cards have been made. Students, faculty and staff are required to turn in their old ID to obtain their new one.

The new ID showcases the new logo, a transparent image of the academic corridor, and a green stripe across the bottom reading Florida Gulf Coast University. The ID includes the same information as the previous cards, including the person’s full name, headshot, UIN and student card number.

The new ID card sport FGCU’s new logo. Image and information is blurred to preserve student information. (Hayley Lemery)

Beginning today, residents can pick up their new ID in the residence halls. In South Village, Eagle and Osprey Hall residents can collect their new ID in the Eagle Hall lobby. For Biscayne, Everglades and Palmetto Hall residents, IDs can be picked up in the Palmetto Hall lobby. Residents of North Lake Village can pick up their new ID during normal operation hours at the Ackert Community Center. West Lake Village residents can pick up theirs at the Community Center during normal operation hours.

Residents who don’t pick up their new ID will not be able to use Flex Dollars and Eagle Dollars when transaction access is canceled on April 3. Meaning, meal swipes, food purchases and the washers and dryers won’t work until a new card is obtained.

Commuter students can pick up their new ID at the Enrollment Services Center in McTarnaghan Hall from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The ID office may table outside of McTarnaghan Hall since there will be a high demand for exchanges.

The FGCU community will receive emailed updates on any developments. Any concerns can be directed to the Eagle ID email.