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Here Comes the Holidays

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The holiday season is a time that everyone seems to look forward to, no matter how near or far away they may be. We sometimes view holidays as days when we get off from work to play catch-up for running errands and other responsibilities that we may have. Some people see holidays as those special, long-anticipated days where people get to share the opportunity to be happy and rejoice in the spirit of togetherness with one another. However, it can be argued that other holidays cannot hold a candle to the amount of joy and bond that Thanksgiving brings.

The day of Thanksgiving, a joy-filled holiday that is loved by people and feared by turkeys, is perhaps one of the most cherished and celebrated holidays for many reasons. Picture a crisp, fall evening with the cool air biting at your face. Running around town and preparing all day long to make a grand dinner that will impress your family and relatives. Family members come in through planes, trains, and automobiles from different cities and states to see each other and catch up with what has been going on in each other’s lives.

It is a special day of inclusion and appreciation for the things that we hold dear to us, whether they be possessions or family members. Even though the stresses of the day and life may take their toll on us in more ways than we care to admit, everyone seems to tuck those feelings away temporarily to make way for the joyfulness of Thanksgiving. It can be argued that this holiday requires more preparation ahead of time than any other holiday, from cooking to traveling and everything else in between. Individuals who are living away from their immediate families out of the state or out of the country, have to request time off and save money to travel back to their families to see them in time for Thanksgiving.

Time is essential and must be coordinated properly so that the holiday times are not full of feelings of stress and impatience. If time and events are not properly in order, it can feel as if there is a lot less time to prepare than there really is. Every year there is the same question that pops up and that is the question of which family member will be hosting the Thanksgiving dinner at their home. This is perhaps the biggest responsibility that can be endowed on somebody because there are many smaller, intricate responsibilities that have to be satisfied before the big night.

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The number of people attending needs to be known well ahead of time so that the host knows how much food to prepare and how much time they need to prepare it. Decorations must be bought and put up ahead of time to add to the overall warmth and feel of the day. The turkeys must be bought ahead of time as well, depending on where you buy them from, to avoid the scenario of when they run out. Every family’s preparations for Thanksgiving can be quite different, but they all have the same underlying theme, which is to prepare well ahead of time so that everyone can enjoy Thanksgiving the right way.

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