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Celebrate Your Unique Talent

Photo By: Unsplash

Today is National Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day! This national holiday has been set aside to recognize and celebrate our fun and peculiar talents. This can be acrobatics, juggling, predicting the weather, balancing a basketball on your finger, beatboxing, or whatever unique talent you have. Everyone has a unique talent to celebrate! 

One of the special talents I find most interesting is ventriloquism. Darci Lynne Farmer won the Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent back in 2017 with her amazing skills. Ventriloquism is the ability to make your voice appear as if it is coming from someone or something else. In Darci Lynne’s performance, she has a puppet named Petunia who “sings” an entire song, impressing the judges and earning the Golden Buzzer from Mel B. Her performance is charming, and her unique skill is worth celebrating.

Another unique talent comes from Brielle Milla, a child prodigy who recited the entire periodic table of elements at the early age of 3. Not only was she able to do that, but she also could recite every state and capital and every American president. Brielle impressed the internet with her skills so much that she was featured on Ellen in 2016! Brielle has obtained many other academic unique talents since, so I am sure she is celebrating her talents today as well.

Personally, I will be spending today celebrating my own unique talent: the ability to hold an elbow stand for over a minute. An elbow stand is where you balance on just your forearms and hands with the rest of your body balancing above you. At the late age of 11 years old, I began taking gymnastics classes and was obsessed with elbow stands and other acrobatic tricks. After learning the basics in class, I took it upon myself to teach myself specific skills.

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I would practice my elbow stands in my living room for hours after school. I would get so frustrated, as balancing is a tough skill to obtain. I remember waking up in the mornings with bruises on my forearms and elbows every day. With time though, I persevered and mastered the elbow stand and still can hold one today! It was even useful when I began dancing in 8th grade, setting me apart from my peers. Today, it is a great balancing skill and I am excited to celebrate it. Your unique skill is worth celebrating. We are lucky to have a day to celebrate our impressive differences!

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