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New Fall Out Boy album — not bad, but not best

LISTEN: Fall Out Boy – American Beauty/American Psycho

fallout-boy-american-beauty-american-psycho-2014-billboard-400x400Back in 2013, I told myself that Fall Out Boy would never be able to top the masterpiece that is the “Save Rock and Roll” album. It’s a hard act to follow.

Despite an album leak and releasing almost the whole album via its Youtube channel, Fall Out Boy “officially” released the rest of its 2015 album, “American Beauty/American Psycho” on Jan. 20.

Along with the fact that “Save Rock and Roll” was perfect in every way, (I mean come on, this is the same album that the band practically released a movie with, and featured Elton John. Elton Freakin’ John), “Save Rock and Roll” was the first sign of life after a band I had grown up with took a four-year hiatus.

The same band that I had once angst-ily jammed to alone in my room was back. This new Fall Out Boy was back and better than ever before.

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Just like I did, Fall Out Boy grew up a bit. No longer were we both the angsty kids looking for our places in the world. We found ourselves and learned who we are and what we want out of ourselves.

When “Centuries” was released last fall, I was very apprehensive. What if this new album was another repeat of “Folie à Deux?” Could Fall Out Boy actually come back after an album like “Save Rock and Roll?”


Contrary to the title of its predecessor, the 2015 album seems to have less rock and roll and a little more electronic experimentation.

Let’s start with “Immortals.”

I’m still not sure how I exactly feel about “Immortals.” I really want to like it, but morally I can’t. It’s pretty bad. Sure it’s catchy and sometimes I myself regrettably singing along, but it’s cheap. The song was released back in October to be paired along with Disney’s new animated movie, “Big Hero 6” sounding almost as a last minute deal to promote the movie and album. The song sounds like Disney gave Fall Out Boy 12 hours to make a song, then twisted the original, added way too much synthesizer and auto tune and gave us something we might hear on the opening credits of a cheap Disney Channel show.

The song basically delegitimizes everything the last album stood for, kicking ass and saving rock and roll. No question, “Immortals” was one of the most disappointing songs Fall Out Boy has produced.

Back to the first single released, “Centuries” was a pleasant surprise. Fall Out Boy still had it. The band chose the perfect single to release first to basically sum up their album: a touch of experimentation with electronic undertones, while still maintaining their old Fall Out Boy sound we all love.

While “Irresistible,” “Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel In NYC)” and my personal favorite, “The Kids Aren’t Alright,” show a little juice left over from “Save Rock and Roll,” the song “Uma Thurman” the most unique song we’ve ever seen from the band. The song has a slight twang that reminds me of an old Miami crime comedy movie your dad probably watched.

Fall Out Boy takes a nod at some of its earlier work with the song “American Beauty / American Psycho,” giving fans some good ol’ fashioned little punk-rock intertwined with hints of the pop sounds we heard its “Infinity on High” days.

Fall Out Boy isn’t the same as they were in 2006, but hey, who is? The world is changing, music is changing, the artists that adapt and experiment while still maintaining their roots are the ones who survive.

It’s not “Save Rock and Roll” and it’s not “From Under the Cork Tree,” but it’s still a quality album from one of the only bands that I will actually purchase an album from. I give “American Beauty / American Psycho”

3.5/5 overall.

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