UPD warns students, staff and faculty of email scams and check fraud


EN Photo by Julia Bonavita.

By Nina Mendes
News & Features Editor
Over the past month, UPD has received several suspicious activity reports linked to fraudulent email scams, according to the Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety Steven Moore.
Students have reported receiving emails about job offers, bank account information and various gift card prizes, which appear to be sent from an FGCU email account.
According to Moore, these are phishing scams.
He advised students, staff and faculty not to open emails when they are not familiar with the sender. Do not click on any links attached within the email, either.
“Remember one simple rule: if anyone ever gives you a check larger than needed and then wants you to deposit it and send them money back, it is a scam,” Moore said.
The university faces the issue of these email scams every year. Moore sends out general reminders to students, staff and faculty about how to avoid falling victim to fraud.
According to an FGCU Police and Safety Crime Alert, approximately four days after depositing a fraudulent check, the bank will advise the account holder that the check was counterfeit and deduct the amount from the bank account.
After receiving a suspicious email, report it to the Sheriff’s Office Fraud Line at (239) 258-3292 or contact UPD at (239) 590-1900.
“Protect your information, protect your bank account and your money,” Moore said. “Always be alert.”