Unwind for Spring Break


Photo By: Unsplash

Gracie Burgess, Staff Writer

Spring break is coming up and many FGCU Eagles are getting excited! For many students, spring break is a time when they can take a break from the rigorous course schedule they have and unwind. For others, it is one last chance to hang out with college friends before graduation.

“Spring break to me means having fun with friends while getting a break from the stress of college courses,” senior Elissa Hidalgo said.

While many students look forward to enjoying spring break and the fun activities they have planned, many students like seniors Alexis Trubiano and Marissa Glitzer, have work to do. With graduation coming up around the corner, there is no time to rest because of the pressure many students are facing to get into the workforce right after graduation.

“My plans for spring break include working, sadly,” Trubiano said. “I do think spring break is a week for students to be able to take a break and enjoy themselves.”

While a break from college classes is enough for many, students still work on college-related internships during their time off. While it is a break from classes, it is not a break from all that life brings.

“My plans for spring break are to go work at my current internship to speed up the process of acquiring my necessary hours for credit,” Glitzer said.

Even while working during spring break, students can all agree that spring break is a time for students to relax and unwind. Students need to experience the break and enjoy time with friends.

“I think spring break is necessary because students need time during the semester to reset,” Glitzer said. “The 16-week semester can seem pretty long and strenuous for many, so giving students a period of restoration and a chance to catch their breath helps to increase their success.”

This is a good time for students to take a moment to rest and reset. Mental health is extremely important for students to be able to achieve a successful semester.

“Spring break is a week for students to be able to take a break and enjoy themselves,” Trubiano said. “Sometimes school gets overwhelming, and everyone needs days to catch up with themselves. This ties into why I think spring break is necessary. Mental health is important and with this time off from school, students can focus on it.”

Spring break marks that we are in the final home stretch before finals. Many students begin to feel burnt out as spring break approaches. This semester, spring break comes after eight long weeks of classes, activities, work, internships and other events that students participate in. While college is supposed to be the best four years of your life, it can be quite exhausting too.

“Spring break is necessary, especially for college students, so that we can avoid being fully burnt out before finals,” Hidalgo said.

Many students make big plans for spring break. This is the week that students spend all semester looking forward to. Some students plan to go on vacations, some go home to see their families, some spend the week with their friends and some even study or work during the break.

“I am on the FGCU dance team,” Hidalgo said. “My plans for spring break are to perform at the men’s and women’s basketball teams during their March Madness tournament and to spend some time relaxing with friends.”

Whatever your plans are for spring break, enjoy it! Take a moment to rest and unwind from your tough classes. Finals are quickly approaching and will be here in the blink of an eye. Take the time while you can and implement healthy habits to last you through the rest of the semester!