UPD Beat: Student Sent to Hospital from E-scooter Injury

Jenna Hackeman, Staff Writer

An RA called UPD Sept. 17 to report a fight between two male students on the fifth floor of Eagle Hall. The RA told UPD that both of the male students pushed past her and left the area. According to the report, the RA did not want medical attention and did not want further police action taken.

On Sept. 19, a male student reported to UPD that he was driving on FGCU Lake Parkway when a white Camaro rolled down their window and threw an open soda can into his moving car, causing soda to spill inside the car. UPD officers reviewed cameras and identified the vehicle. According to the report, a UPD officer met with the owner of the vehicle and warned him that continuous issues on campus will result in trespassing charges. The vehicle owner did not provide the UPD officer with the individual’s name who threw the soda into the car and took responsibility for the event.

A UPD officer was requested Sept. 20 by a male student who told UPD someone followed him onto campus to Garage 4. According to the report, the male student told UPD the individual parked behind him, got out and started to scream at him. The male student told UPD another student threatened to call the police, which is when the unknown individual got into his vehicle and left campus. The male student described the unknown individual as appearing to be older and a non-student. A report was filed and no further action was taken.

On Sept. 22, a female student fell off a Goat scooter and hit her face on the ground. According to the report, the impact caused her dental issues and cut her chin and hand. Goat Scooter representatives arrived on the scene and took possession of the scooter. The female student was transferred to Lee Health Coconut Point.