UPD Beat: Snapchat Threat Not Meant for FGCU

Abigail Muth, Editor-in-Chief

UPD was called on May 5 after someone received a Snapchat from an unknown sender in a group chat among FGCU students that said they were going to “shoot up the university.” The caller sent a screenshot of the threatening message to Threat Management but also requested that UPD officers look at the message. The message never indicated whether it was specifically meant for FGCU or students within the university. The individual referred officers to another student who they knew was in the chat. Officers met with that other person who verified she sent the message but did not mean it for FGCU, but rather for a Miami Dade School the individual had previously attended. UPD notified Miami-Dade Police Department. 

A student called about blood trailing into her dorm room and light fixtures being ripped from the room on May 6. The caller stated her roommate was not there, but has been arrested by UPD before. Officers searched the building and surrounding area but could not find the roommate. 

On May 6, UPD officers were called for assistance after a subject was acting unruly with EMS in an ambulance and tried to commandeer the vehicle. Officers Baker Acted the individual. 

An individual called on May 6 about being stuck in an elevator, but later called back saying they were able to get out and were free. Officers were told to cancel the fire department call but they responded by saying they would still go to check out the elevator. The elevator was turned off. 

On May 9 officers were called about an unconscious 23-year-old female in Cohen Student Union by the Chick-Fil-A delivery door. The subject refused transport and a medical report was completed. 

A call was issued later on May 9 about the same subject who had passed out. The director of catering said she would not leave and staff was trying to clean up for the night. One staff member gave the subject a ride back to her dorm. Once the director heard the subject had left, she said she would follow up with the employee. 

An employee at Bradshaw Library called UPD on May 12 to file a report. Officers told the subject nothing criminal was going on but suggested he speak with his supervisor and HR.